10 January 2007

Is he serious?

Okay, so I know you all read a newspaper or listen to the news, so what I'm about to say shouldn't come of any surprise to you. Bush wants to send another 20 thousand troops to Iraq! In his state of the union assdress (intentionally spelled) tonight, he'll speak on this subject. I'm sure it's not just me who has a problem with this. Although I'm not one for political debates, I couldn't help but speak my mind on this matter. As a soon to be retired service woman, I still do not in any way support this so-called war. I do; however, support my brothers/sisters in uniform. I pray for them daily and I pray for their friends and families in their respective home states. I've sent money, products, lent my services to help affected families because I know their loss is great.

I known men/women sent overseas to fight; fight; and keep fighting with no end in sight. One or two of them have done more than one tour and have come home to find their lives in complete disarray. From the PST (post traumatic stress), to the adjustments to civilian life, to disconnection from their family members, just to name a few. Some of the people I know overseas were National Guard and Reservists who were quickly and in some ways inadequately trained (physically. mentally, or emotionally) and prepared for such a major transition. Hell, I'm sure the active duty components weren't all jumping for joy either.

Back to my original thought. The president wants to spend more and more billions of dollars in a war that has no end in sight and risk more than the already 3000 thousand dead, and the countless injured because he's a bitch ass limp dick (all my opinion only so don't get your knickers in a twist if you've got love for the moron...I mean; man) who's making money and getting his jollies off with this so-called war. With his proposal to send more troops to Iraq, who the hell is gonna be left here to take care of things should there be a need? National Guard and Reservists who are already overseas or in the stages of being sent aren't going to be here as needed. A highly valued and highly needed comodity is going to be across the world doing who knows what leaving the country in a precarious position. Can you say bent over ready to be fuck with no KY jelly? I can.

I'm sorry people, I'm looking forward to my retirement; I've earned it. The many that have done multiple tours need their time at home. Another sad reality is that those returning to Iraq aren't in the 20-25 year old range. They are in the 35-45 range whom are also looking to retire or at least spend their remaining time not being shot at for reasons unbeknownst to them. Again, I recognize and realize that they signed up for whichever branch of service, but hell, when is enough; enough?

Every time I read the paper, I hear of another life lost; another life injured; another life impeded because of this shit. Young men and women are coming back to the U.S to nothing. Their lives and time vested isn't compensated by their so-called Uncle Sam. He basically sends them home with the bare minimums and they're on their own. I heard of a woman who had to give her son up for adoption because she suffered so much trauma that she couldn't raise him. When asked what services are being provided for her to help her mentally, socially, and financially, and she said, she was receiving little or no care. WTF? This young woman has risked her life for her country and gets pissed on upon return. Ugh!

As you can see, this is a very sensitive topic for me and one that I can go on and on about, but I'll end here. I have one last point I need to make before I end though. So, how come the pres can spend billions of dollars on a war, but can't send or allocate funds to rebuild from the damage of hurricane Katrina? People are still displaced; lives are still in turmoil; losses have been substantial and yet, still nothing is being done. FEMA and their bed fellows have royally fucked millions and no one is fighting for them. Again WTF??? I'd much rather see the National Guard and Reservists doing things in Louisianna and the other adversely affected states than seeing them sent overseas.

I'm done...


BZ said...

Glad you said it. You know my baby sis is in the service and about to embark on yet another deployment in this stupid f*cking war. While I hate the pres and I don't support the war, I pray for our servicepeople every day and support them in whatever way I can (I love sending care packages!). But, seriously, this has to stop. We're pouring money and lives down the toilet.

Rosemarie said...

My husband served in the military and comes from a military family -- his father WWII and his brother Vietnam.

I've always supported the President and respect his position as leader of our country.

Seriously though, another 20 thousand troops. I'm starting to feel that there has to be another way.

All the best to you in your retirement!

Voice on Miscellaneous Matters
"Part of being a Master is learning how to sing in nobody else's voice but your own." - Hugh Macleod

A woman on the move said...

I just realized I don’t personally know anyone serving in the war (of course I have friends who have relatives who serve, but no direct contact). Any whoo, Bush is a fucking retard and I don’t know how many people will have to die before he realizes the error in his ways (Oh, I forget he doesn’t give a fuck).

I ran into a guy in the service at the airport while waiting for my delayed flight home for the holidays. Something made me sit by him and strike a conversation, he looked fairly young. Come to find out he’s only 19 years old. So I asked him how he’s holding up and what’s it like. And of course he wants out and wish things end.

It pisses me off to see Bush and his hitch men sitting in their plush offices creating their own rules while human lives are being sacrificed daily. We’ve exceeded the body count from Sept. 11th; Saddam is dead now, so now what? Bush fucked up my plans to travel through the Middle East (I don’t want to be the latest American example)...

Go Bush!!!!

Honey-Libra said...

Personally I'd like to see him on the front lines with no gear on but that ain't happening so I digress. My frustration comes in the fact that he is pushing the military to the point of distress. I mean the army has clearly told him that they can't afford to send anymore people over there and still function in the other areas and he is still trying...why becuase as you stated he's a limp dick LOL..who is trying to chase his fathers dreams..all I know is when he's out of office people won't complain about another president getting his limp dick sucked

T.C. said...

hvgHe is totally unbelivable to me...TOTALLY! There is NO way in the world we can afford monetarily OR physically to send 20K more people over there...that is totally rediculous...I don't get it...he is totally off base, there is NO logical reason for him to send any more troops over, NONE...we still have NO real leds for Binnie and them...I mean really...our resources should be directed towards evidence of TRUE terrioism, NOT towards those with the black gold (oil) that him and his folks is trying to control....

Hawa Bond said...

I have SO MUCH love and respect for our military. I always have. They must do the dirty jobs I would never have the heart to do.

20,000 more troops going to Iraq is a pill too big to swallow. We may never know or understand the intel behind the logic (yeah, if there is any), but like you, I pray for our troops who didn't choose this HOT MESS.

Wendy said...

This election stealing idiot doesn't care about human lives. All this Bull about not cutting and running, where is his punk ass? He cares about how much money he and his croonies can line their pockets with. As long as there is a drop of oil in that country we will be there. Thankfully my brother is retired. I'm more than grateful for the sacrifices that our service men and women make each and every day I keep them in my prayers. But damn, this is senseless. The Divided States has a history of meddling. When what is really needed is to clean up their own back yard.Help Katrina victims,poor people? I don't believe he's had a discussion about them since they were displaced.

Rosemarie said...

Update: His speech will be from the Presidential library tonight, which they say is supposed to signify a shift.

I'm not feelin' it.

Voice on Miscellaneous Matters
"Part of being a Master is learning how to sing in nobody else's voice but your own." - Hugh Macleod

jus.b.fli said...

first of all... LMAO @ yesterday's post (I see stupid people)!!

secondly... George is a fuckin' idiot and i will be soooo glad to see his ass get gone!!

thirdly... jus passin' thru to love up on my big sis and to tell her that she is A-W-E-S-O-M-E, AWESOME, AWESOME... TOTAL-LY!!! (hehehe)

alwayspeace and constantlove!

& i'm out...

Susan Abraham said...

Iraq doesn't want the US there; it's been made clear.
It sounds a right mess to me, Blu.
I didn't expect such an announcement from his speech.

with love

The Mistress said...

I can barely stomach the site of that clown on television, much less force myself to listen to his voice. He is the biggest presidential disappoinment this country has seen in the last CENTURY.

To send another 20k in there is such a huge mistake it makes me sick. We've already lost 3,000 lives...DOES HE CARE?

The situation is hopeless....STOP THIS NOW!

Oh but this is a man who doesn't believe in abortion nor stem cell research.

People like him have the nerve to attempt to butt into the private lives and personal decisions of U.S Citizes when it comes to those things...and they proclaim to place such "high value" on "unborn lives" but WHAT ABOUT THE 18 AND 19 YEAR OLD LIVES WE'RE RISKING IN THIS WAR?


Ok, *off sopabox*

Blu Jewel said...

bz - my prayers to your sister and i hope that she returns home safely.

rosemarie - i understand how you feel about supporing the military and even the pres, but as you said, another 20k? As for the locality of his speech? Makes no difference cause he'll still be saying the same ol' same ol'!

woman - it's cool that you don't personally know anyone overseas, what's important is that you recognize that this is a no win situation. Your convo with the 19 y/o serviceman told you first hand what i'm trying to say in this post.

honey - and you'll never see him on the front lines or anywhere else for that matter cause he's a punk. he couldn't even finish his time in the National Guard which is a reserve component...ONCE A MONTH DUTY!!!!!!!

T.C - you know i damn near forgot all about Bin Laden. You're right though, we ain't heard jack squat about him in a minute, so what does that tell you? The biggest threat to the US is NOT Binnie, it's GEORGE!

Hawa - this issue is more than a hot mess and the sad thing is that it's only going to get worse. keep up your support of the military cause they truly need it.

Wendy - preach girl; preach. you said so much right here.

jus - that was one of the laziest commnents you've ever left, but the fact that you stopped by is cool though. Yeah, ya boy gee dubya done effed it up royal hasn't he?

Su - the war isn't about what Iraq wants, it's about what gee dubya wants and can get out of it.

Mistress - you stay on the soapbox all you want cause you ain't said nothing but the truth.

Thank you all for posting your comments on this very controversial issue. As I said, I'm not one for political debates, but as a conscienscious person, I couldn't see myself sitting idly by and not say something. I'd also be a hypocrite for posting things about making a change and not doing anything myself. My lack of support for the war will never pre-empt my support to the men/women in uniform. They are m fraternal brothers/sisters and my heart goes out to each of them everyday. I'm withdrawn from following as many stories as I used to because they made me so mad or i was in tears over the way they're treated once stateside. My prayers are very real and i hope that one day, this will be over and those lives lost will never be forgotten.

beautyinbaltimore said...

T.his is a very important issue. However, the news people are giving more attention to Rosie and Donald

Mominator said...

my nephew guarded hwy 10 check points between fallujah and baghdad the first 1 1/2 years and could be called back at any time. Scares me to death.


blaqrayne said...

Just rediculous.