04 January 2007

Random shit (for lack of a better post)

My (imagined) ADD is full gear today and I can’t concentrate, so this is my post for today.

Ever watch people and make up stories about them?

How come just when you break down to do #2 in public as much as you hate to; someone walks in and you do everything to hold it back?

Have you ever known someone who didn’t wash their hands after they use the bathroom and you avoid them like the plague?

Sometimes I get scared I’m going to fart when I’m being examined by the GYN. (I know…TMI…lmao…this post IS called Random Shit)

Do you eat from the pretzel/cookie/candy jar on someone’s desk?

Do you ever want to, but don’t cause you’re skeeved out thinking that someone who just picked their nose, didn’t wash after using the toilet, or whathaveyou, has already been in that jar?

While grocery shopping, do you or have you ever, tasted something BEFORE you decided if you should purchase it?

I wondered what the lady at the traffic light was listening to cause she kept smiling.

I wish I really had a SaPhyre Lounge for you all to come to

If I were a thief, I could have used a coworkers credit card for fraudulent purchases because he talks loud and said his cc # & the exp date out loud while on the phone

I laughed at a kid who fell down and I didn’t even feel bad about it

Sometimes I see people and say, “they look like they stink”. I know it’s mean, but they really do look like that to me

“One time at band camp”…lmao…just kidding, I’ve never been to band camp; I just like the way that sounds.

Ever see someone come back from lunch and they look like they just got done fucking?

There is a guy (I’ve leave identity less) that has a small dick and has been said to be lousy in bed (this is NOT a rumor) who was talking about sex and how good he is etc., and I wanted to laugh so hard and say, “that’s so not true”, but instead I laughed inwardly

I have the Post Secret books; one day I’ll have the courage to send in one of my own

The cleaning guy smelled nice

Why the hell does my net connex at work decide to act up right when I’m ready to post?


Honey-Libra said...

Why do I look at folks and be like they look like their breathe stinks LOL....Happy Friday and have a great weekend...

I hate holding back sometimes I just keep going and just flush repeatedly LOL

Wendy said...

You are too much. But lord knows I am anal about people touching things on my desk. People not washing their hands,people coughing/sneezing and not covering their mouths. I keep lysol around. What really kills me is the people bringing food and have so much damn pet hair on them it looks like a coat.Eww, no thank you!

Hawa said...

OMG, Blu. I'll never eat from another pretzel container on somebody's desk. LOL

BTW, if the credit card belongs to who I think it does, can I go shopping with you?

I'm ready for a "random" blog post at my blog, because my mind is spinning with some random bits, too.

Love ya!

JenellyBean said...

How come just when you break down to do #2 in public as much as you hate to; someone walks in and you do everything to hold it back?


You don't even understand how much this S**T gets me mad. I'm one of them people who have to move my bowels within hours of having my lunch, and now that I'm working in the city, theres a bathroom for all the offices on the floor that I work on. Anytime I go in to handle my business someone is already in there or walking in. So I press flush over and over and over and over and over and over....

Brotha Buck said...

There's a guy I met at my job seven years ago, and whenever were in the restroom together, I notice he doesn't wash his hands and I dread getting an assignment with him because that means we have to share paperwork.

Susan Abraham said...

Ha-Ha! What a way to start the week on your blog, Blu. :-)

chele said...

Ever see someone come back from lunch and they look like they just got done fucking?

Um ... that may have been me.

Blu Jewel said...

honey - looking like their breath stinks is funny. flushing repeatedly is a viable option though i think it still draws the unwanted attention.

wendy - people are real grimey and you dont realize just how much until you watch folk in/around the work place

hawa - girl you better not! i've seen some NASTY ish. not sure who you think it was with the cc, but i tell you if i was a different person, we coulda had some NICE gifts....lol!

jenelly - like i said to honey, flushing over and over is cool, but can still draw attention. *sigh*

buck - keep hand wipes and sanitizer on your desk

su - glad i could make you smile

chele - *gasp* you're a bad, bad girl!!!

blaqrayne said...

I'm with you on a lot of these things, including the fact that the GYN thing is definitely TMI...LOL.