19 May 2007


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being a princess won't yeild a true prince, but a bullfrog if you dont have a brain under your tiara

Y&R officially sux. stay tuned for a full post devoted to it

i now understand why some animals eat their young

being a parent is a profession too many enter into lightly and adversely affect those trying to get the job done right

why did all the good music go?

i need to lose some weight and tone up

i want my new tattoo

i'm soooo glad i'm not growing up in this era; being born in the 60's was great

young guys keep hitting on me...so what if i'm a hottie; it still makes no sense to me *devilish grin*

i know i need to catch up on my posting and reading other blogs, but things just keep stealing my time *ugh*

i want to devote an entire day to reading blogs

i started reading again and have already completed one book and am now on another

chivalry is NOT dead

i received a few wonderful blessings this week...God is good!

gotta run; bout to get my party on...go Blu shake ya booty! and yea, imma be workin dat denim and dem heals! *woohoo!*


Ali's Zay said...

Yes, I can vouch for you, you are definitely a hottie! ;-)

Organized Noise said...

I am on a mission to let people know that chivalry is not dead. My momma raised me right.

Anonymous said...

well when you start reading blogs for that full day you just make sure mine is one of them...lol

oh and I'm an avid Y&R watcher

We must converse

rayne said...

I wonder the same thing about music! WTF is going on with this industry??