15 May 2007

WTF? Is it just me?

Okay, so you know I’m a Y&R watcher, can someone please tell me why Nic Newman is dead? I mean dang; now warning! Y&R and I may be divorced before the week is over cause now I have no reason to watch the wretched story. Jack is a punk ass beyah. Brad is a gaping wide asshole. Amber is an ugly, scheming skank. Daniel and Lily just irk me beyond reason, as do most of the rest of the cast. Victor will always be da man. Nikki disgusts me. Vickie and JT need to hook up. Still like Michael and Lauren, but Kevin and Gloria kill me. Ugh…I’m just too through!

What’s with men wanting to skip actually to getting know a woman and going straight for the drawers? Then they wonder why we think so ill of them.

Check out jus.b.fli for her post on matters pertaining to men.

Who wants to go back to old school ways? Tired of these ignant (yeah, I said ignant) ass kids talking to grown folk any kind of way; men/women acting like each other is worthless; and what the &)W*%)#%& happened to discipline and order?

Where the heck are the God-fearin folk? Seems like no one is scared of God anymore…that’s why folk ain’t livin right and can’t get right.

What’s with sistas telling men they can *uck when they can’t. Stop settling just to say you have a man.

Am I the only one thinking it’s a GOOD thing to preserve the divine love and life cavity instead of giving it up cause “it’s been a while”?

For The Unit watchers…how come they gotta make the brutha the bad guy? Just cause he’s got the most rank and put the most time in, don’t make him America’s Most Wanted.

Someone; anyone please splain to me how ashy heels became acceptable? They make lotion for a damn reason.

What in the name of anything that makes sense is up with Tyra’s hair and makeup? Chick looks like a damn tranny anymore. *smh*

Why do folk come on national tv talking their biz then say, they’d get disowned or treated badly if folk knew certain things about them? Gimme an effin break already if you came on tv do you really care what folk think?

That’s all folks…massa’s callin!


Ali's Zay said...

"Someone; anyone please splain to me how ashy heels became acceptable? They make lotion for a damn reason."

As a foot fetishist, I most definitely agree with this one. And yes, I think you have cute feet. LOL.

blaqrayne said...

Ohhh Kaaay!!! Tell us how you really feel. I must agree, Y&R is forcing my hand to remove them from my DVR schedule. LMAO @ the ashy heels thing You are definitely on a roll today. Good post.

Terry said...

You know I love it when you get angry Baby. Just as long as it ain't me in the cross-hairs.

The Mistress said...

Oh yeah I forgot you were a Y&R addict like me! If you go on the message boards at www.soapcentral.com, you can get ALL KINDS of spoilers. I knew Nick's plane crashed before the shit even happened....I know some other stuff too but I won't spoil it for you!!!!

Some people don't like to know what's gonna happen....

And yes Amber is the biggest skank EVER. I am glad to not be the only one who HATES HER ASS!

And Lily needs to LEAVE DANIEL. The porn habit isn't that bad to me, it's the fucking LYING that makes me want to kill him. He's such a damn liar.


And when will Jack get his for duping Gloria out of what John left her in his will? THAT SHIT IS STILL PISSING ME OFF!

John keeps "haunting him" and it ain't doing NO GOOD!


Anyway let me stop hijacking your comments cause I'll be here all day talking about Y&R

BZ said...

AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I am not mad at you!

I want old school days back! I have a love/hate relationship with kids nowadays.

I loooovee thheee Loooorrd! Heeee heearrdd myyyyy crryyyyyy. AMEN!

I ain't settling for ish!

Although I may have been tempted to give up the love & life cavity cuz it's been a while. Thanks for the reminder I need to keep it sacred. LOL I have to stop listening to Teddy Pendergrass!

NO ASHY HEELS! I abide by the Sandal-Wearers Code.

j.a.c. said...

I know!!!!!!!! I went home yesterday for lunch and was SHOCKED! I hadn't seen the previous episodes so I had NO idea what was going on. I'm telling you my mouth was wide open Blu.

Blu Jewel said...

zay - my feet cute? NEVER! and what were you doing lookin @ my feet anyway...i'm telling Ali...it's not like she'd be hard to find *wink*

rayne - glad to hear i'm not alone with Y&R.

Terry - if anyone can appreciate a good tirade, i know it's you. nah, you aiight with me man!

mistress - wish i'd known the spoilers ahead of time for real. i did get some scoop since you hipped me to the site and i'm not diggin where this is going. *UGH* I think i'll be officially divorcing Y&R. *smh & wiping away tears*

bz - i'm so not down with OPKs (other people's kids). old school needs to come back quickly. Girl, leave Teddy alone save yourself *lol*. Preach girl...i could use another one of your prayers. nice to hear there are still some women who abide by the code.

j.a.c - it's only gonna get worse. *deep sigh*. watch at your own risk. as i said to mistress, i'll be divorcing Y&R.

Hoodoo's Hostess said...

Greetings, sis! Missed you while you were gone. Didn't get a chance to holla Happy Mother's Day atcha. But glad you're back, tho.

This was a most excellent post. I'd been missing Miss B Fly too, but I couldn't think of her blog name to find it; glad you reminded me. And you know me; I gots to tell the truth about men and the shenanigans they pull. My people, my people... LOL.

Good to have you back, sis Jewel!

j.a.c. said...

hey blu. why is Phyllis going to court? i know it has to do with the blackmailing she did, but how is that a crime? i can't seem to figure it out.

Daver said...


Angry Blu!

Never got into Y&R. I did watch three months of Days of Our Lives when I was a teenager due to a crippling injury. Watched it again the other day, NOTHING's CHANGED. Wtf?

deepnthought said...

I am loving this post. Being that I am a care giver to 4 kids that aint mine, I have to agree. I need the ole school way to show up and show out in this here world. I can not stand ill mannered and just plain bad chilren. (sorry I am a southerner). What happened to Dru? and why is Pyhllis going to jail?

Royce's Daughter said...

I miss the old school days...when life and love was as simple as a boy passing you a note that read "will you go with me? Check yes or no!"

Oh and I love the Unit...that Dennis Haysbert or whatever the hell his name is...is one sexy something to me!

Tyra and them wig caps...TRAGIC!!!

It's been awhile since I been by but glad I stopped through...this was funny!

chele said...

Girl, I have a friend who has the ashiest, crustiest feet ever. I told her she needs to handle it and she says to me, "What? They're feet!" Oh lawd!

Tyra's not aging gracefully or she has a new makeup artist. She looks crazy.