23 May 2007

Cherry Poppin!

After a terrible online experience I had with someone, I've since erred on the side of caution when it comes to talking offline or even going as far as to meet them in person. When I started blogging, it wasn't with the intention of making new friends; instead a means to take my writing to another level and not limit my writing to poems/stories. I've since made some pretty good friends and contacts and I'm actually quite pleased about it as it's shown growth on my part and that I'm not allowing past incidents/people to affect and/or hinder my present or future. I'll admit, I do still have flashbacks or feel some trepidation when considering offline contact, but again, I must not allow myself to be held back.

I began ready one blog in particular and was often tickled by it's content and became curious about the person behind it. Not one to quickly want to get to know females (y'all women know what I mean), I struggled with the idea of contacting her over some things she'd written. One evening, I finally mustered up the courage to email her. She graciously accepted my out reach and responded in kind to my email. Over frequent exchanges, I felt my guard come down a little and I shared that I was reluctant to fully let my guard down after what I had previously happened to me. She made a statement that shocked me. "I promise you, I will never let you regret meeting me." I took it with a grain of salt at first thinking, "yeah, that's what they all say at first and then they hit you with the big gun." Well, I must admit, she's not only made me eat crow, but a good helping of humble pie. This woman has become a good source of amusement; a companion; a motivator; an inspiration; a sista in Christ; and most of all and more importantly; she's kept her initial word. So, ms jus.b.fli, I just wanted to thank you for poppin my Getting to Know You Offline Blogger Cherry. We speak via phone, through email, and one day I look forward to meeting her in person. Oh, what a scary. yet fun day that'll be...watch out world! *devilish laugh*

Now, I want to take this even further. Back when all the Blogger Tabloid erupted with the whole faking your own death saga took place, I began to get to know another blogger online through our respective blogs. His spoke often (read...ALL THE TIME...lol) about his lovely girlfriend who lives in Jamaica. I was planning a trip and made inquiries regarding her etc. We took the convo offline to emails and eventually via phone. He was pleasant, polite, and informative and it was a pleasure to get to know another blogger personally. Back in April when I took my trip, we planned to meet at the airport, but with the flight delay I had and circumstances beyond my control, we didn't meet. We did; however, speak and I said, "maybe next time". Well, that next time was a few weeks ago and we did in fact get to meet. Having already known what he looked like I found it funny to see him looking for me. We hugged upon meeting and commenced into a wonderful conversation for the duration of my layover. We spoke about so many things and we mutually announced this was our first Blogger Meet Up. The person I'm referring to is Xavier Pierre of the Lovers Anonymous fame. I'd post a link, but his page is private. I will; however; post an excerpt of his post as it was one of the sweetest things someone has probably ever said about me.

"When my cell-phone went off I was already inside the terminal. Sure enough it was Blu Jewel telling me that she was off the plane and on the concourse near gate H9. I stepped out of the elevator and took 4 steps then heard the voice from over my right shoulder. “Looking for me?” When I turned, I was greeted by a smile of uncommon brightness, immediately familiar even when seen for the first time. We hugged each other warmly and immediately started to talk like two old friends who’ve known each other for years.From reading Blu Jewel and the phone conversations we’ve had, I pretty much knew what to expect and she didn’t disappoint. Understated British sophistication mixed with disarming Jamaican charm is a fascinating combination, but wrap it up in the personality of Blu Jewel and I can just picture a resolute African king on an unyielding mission to find his missing rib.Blu and I talked about everything from relationship pitfalls to parenthood. Of course no conversation with Xavier is complete if Ali’s name isn’t mentioned and Blu was quite indulgent and generous in her attention. But it was never one-sided. I found Blu to be a very open person with a generous heart and a growing commitment to helping others. As she shared I found myself wanting to reassure that special someone that his nomadic journey will be well worth it if his wanderings lead to Blu Jewel.But all too soon it was time to go. Blu’s connecting flight was boarding and I had gone way past my lunch hour. But the 45 minutes we spent chatting in terminal 4 of FLL airport will always be fondly remembered. Godspeed Blu! Be safe until we meet again."

*Sniff* @ the italicized remark he made. How sweet is that?!

I can't forget another blogger with whom I'm anxiously waiting to meet and whom I txt from time to time for no reason, but to make her laugh bz. And last, but certainly not least there's Terry whom is one of the nicest (though he thinks he's mean, a jerk, and sometimes an asshole...ALL his words) people you could want to know. He's been a great source of encouragement for my writing; a wealth of information regarding Unholywood (his word), writing in general, business, and life.

The four of you have proved that NOT all online connections are bad and that friendships can be formed from a distance. Thank you all for poppin some cherries in my life. *smile*

Now don't go getting your knickers in a twist here. I'm certainly NOT leaving out all of you whom swing by to read my rantings, share your thoughts, and support me. I'd love to have one huge blogger meet up where we could all meet and get to know more about each other in person instead of behind a monitor.


Debo Blue said...

When I saw the title I thought "Oh Lord, this girl's about to go off!" What a sweet letter to your new bloggie pals!

I read Terry's post about you and, like most of his beautifully written posts, thought it was a great tribute to you!

Thanks for the visits to my site:-)

Anonymous said...

you know this post is very coincidental...one of my next posts is to be about doing a cell phone exchange....There are a few bloggers that I would love to talk to over the phone first then perhaps meet with.....I would love to do something like this...I mean I'm down for it but it doesn't necessarily mean others will be......I don't see the harm in a cell phone swap.....chit chatting from time to time-texting-ya know getting to know the persons offline!!

I plan to get a post together about this and perhapys you may be a participant!!! ??

Anonymous said...

That's encouraging Luv. I read Xavier's post about you too and thought the same thing.

I'm glad to hear you say those things. Right now I'm 0-3 and it's never gotten past the phone stage.

Hope springs eternal...

jus butterfli said...

heyyyyy heffa! something told me to stop by here today! wow. you coulda given me a heads-up or sumthin', troll! (lol)

anyway, since you already know how mushy i can get sometimes, all i'm gonna say is this: it has been my great pleasure to get to know you and to make you into one of my closest friends. our kinnection defies fiber-optics and the world wide web and i'm glad i could change your misconception... because you sure as hell changed mine!!

i love you lots!! and i appreciate you always being there.

peace, love and hugs

Ali's Zay said...

Dear Blu,

I’m so glad I was able to touch you. Know that you have touched me too. The words I wrote are just the palest reflection of the real you. But hopefully I’ve added something to your wonderful on-line image that helps your readers get a deeper glimpse of your true quality.


Ali’s Zay

PS: To my publicist: Don’t hate girl. You know I LOVE you. LOL

BZ said...

Awwwwh!!! Thank you mama!!! I love our text conversations and I, too, am very much looking forward to the opportunity to meet you.


Terry said...

I hope our paths never cross, ever! I can't stand yo azz. I mean what is there REAllY to appreciate about you?

And you know I'm the most lyingest S.O.B. on the planet!

I lurve this woman y'all!!!!

I said it all in the blog so no need to go over it again. Not that Blu wouldn't desrve it if I did.

You just keep movin' along Baby. Everything works out.

You know I got you!

Longgggg, soft, wet, kisses. ('cause I know you like it like that)


Rosemarie said...

This post is encouraging. Because of past circumstances, I stand at a distance. I'm polite, but I'm sure my signal is...not interested.

Mms jus.b.fli sounds authentic. These are the people you pray for in your life.

Blessings as you continue to stretch yourself to reach outside your comfort zone.

Xavier sounds dreamy! He's a true romantic.