03 May 2007

thoughts in motion

random ish...

still trying to comprehend the loss of a friend's baby

allowing myself to open up more

embracing the newness of things happening in my life

looking forward to more time spent with pops

lil lady curses like a sailor (of course when i'm not around)

"son" got in lil lady's ass...and rightly so...he's a good kid

hanging with the boys and still being baby girl in the bunch after all these years amazed me, but it was so great

recognizing that the little whispers will lead to big noises if you don't pay attention aka hard ears makes a soft behind...hurts the wallet too *sigh*

change really is good

posted a 3 in 1 entry on Tuesday and so few noticed

wondering where the heck Terry is hiding...you know he's on a watch list right? maybe the feds done got'im *gasp*

eclectik-relaxtion is currently rating high on my "stalk a blog" list

for phone church and life lessons reminder courses...u know who u b!

CFM's are great conversation pieces at a club instead of the usual ish they try to come atcha with

i wish men would pop a breath mint or sip his drink before trying to run game cause bad breath will skunk a vibe with a quickness

still haven't picked up a new book to read yet and there's not excuse seeing as i have a library with books waiting for me to crack open

outing myself about past pains and actually feeling good about it; i know i've arrived now

looking forward to eating some good ass jerk chicken in Negril

nikki newman in y&r has turned into a real *itch! can't stand her ass no more

having some much needed "catch up" time with H.B

knowing you should let go is hard; actually doing it is harder, but damn do i feel good as hell for doing it though

aiight, that's it for now...back is killing me...this cycle is gonna be a major beyah...pray for your girl! oh, and have a blessed weekend!

a woman's strength will never be understood by a man

ever wanna call someone and leave a song on their vm that says some foul ish that you're thinking about them?

what the )%*#%&#)%& is up with gas prices? *smh* Big Buddy almost had to get regular this morn, but i'm overdue for an oil change, so i couldn't do him dirty like that

well, that's all for now...i'm in pain, but hanging in...this cycle is gonna be a beyah...pray for your girl *sigh*...have a great weekend and spread some love & kindness wherever you go!!!


Anonymous said...

Niki Newman is on my nerves...and that punk ass Brad is worthless....EEEWeeeeeeeee and pasty face Phyllis can go to hell..

as u can tell Im upset at Y&R.......

Still missing Drucilla tho

j.a.c. said...

i am and will always be a fan of phyllis. the woman tries to do good. she really does. i hate brad.

i'm TRYING to read a book too girl. you're not alone.

it's been 7 years since I had jerk chicken in negril! mmmm!

"a woman's strength will never be understand by a man" - oh my. can't i borrow this?

keep your head up lady. enjoy your weekend as well.

Miz JJ said...

Y&R is a mess. That show has gone seriously downhill.

Blu Jewel said...

yazmar - i'm feeling your heat girl. wish i could say i was missing Dru, but i'm not. she was working my nerves anyway. Phyllis is my girl

j.a.c - i'm a fan of Phyllis too ^5! Brad is a gaping wide asshole. i'm gonna go home, grab a book of the shelf and start reading. Hafta! I'll think of you as i'm devoring that jerk chicken. yes, you absolutley may borrow my statement. that's one hella compliment girl...thanks!

miz jj - thanks for the stop by 'preciate the love. girl, you ain't said nothing but a word about Y&R, but the sad thing is that i keep watching it *sigh*

Blu Jewel said...

j.a.c - understand should be UNDERSTOOD!!! my bad!

jus butterfli said...

i wish men would pop a breath mint of sip his drink before trying to run game cause bad breath will skunk a vibe with a quickness

how come i'm still laughing about that one as i type this comment?! (lol)

how come i know who i b and those sessions do my heart soooo much good!!?

how come i'm not even gonna comment on the whole "jerk chicken" thing because i'm trying not to hate on my own big sister? (lol)

how come i haven't watched a day time soap in years??!! oh well!

hope you're having a day as beautiful as you are!!

love you!

Terry said...

Fear not my lovely friend. The NSA may be at the door but thet shall never take me alive.

Rosemarie said...

Sorry you're in pain. I sure hope you get back to feelin' whole very soon.

"a woman's strength will never be understood by a man"


"i wish men would pop a breath mint or sip his drink before trying to run game cause bad breath will skunk a vibe with a quickness"

I laughed aloud on that one!

Terry's posted today and is his usual self. I see him as a stand-up comedian.

Wendy said...

I had a flashback of a yuckmouth. No amount of mints would help. Brotha needed to have his throat removed. Sorry about the pain. Hang in there and have a great weekend!

Shelle said...

lol lol this was too funny, and uh yeah to badbreath...like don't they know..thier mouths are right under their noses lol...thanks for the nods, smiles and laughs

Honey-Libra said...

All I got to say is I'm getting a bicycle..gas is TOOO HIGH!!

blaqrayne said...

You definitely hit the nail on the head with Y&R. That whole cast is on my last nerve.

I've been trying to get back into reading. Too many distractions right now :-(

Enjoy the chicken named after you...j/k!