01 May 2007

What I haven't done lately!

In the past few months, one of the many resident voices in my head keeps asking me when I'm going to start volunteering? I have no real excuse why I haven't started sooner other than I simply haven't. While my intention is good, it's just that; an intention. I need to birth it from an intention into an action. Through another blogger Xavier,(his blog is private), I learned that April was Sexual Abuse Awarenss Month. Through another blogger j.a.c I learned about Denim Day, which is about rape prevention and awareness. Oh, and I can't forget Terry and his post A Woman's Darkness. Each of these bloggers posted much needed information and awareness to educate us regarding sexual abuse and rape; a subject few want to talk about. The statistics on this virus running rampant in our society are actually inaccurate because they can only report what was reported to them. The fact, is that many do not report rape, sexual abuse, and/or sexual assault.

More than we even realize, we know someone who's been a victim of one of these heinous acts. Some had the strength and courage to report it while others did not. It's easy to say that it should be reported, but for those who have done some research know, society only rapes and abuses the victim all over again. Equally sad are the many men who've been sexually victimized who do not report their crime.

The point I'm trying to make here is that the voice in my head says, "Blu, you need to be there for someone who's going through this trauma. You need to lend your ear, a warm hug, or just your presence, so they are not alone. Blu, you can and will make a difference to someone; somewhere." To this voice I humbly and willingly concede. I know it's my calling to do this and with all of the recent posts I've read and from being a survivor I know I can and will make a difference. So, today I openly make the committment to make some calls and find out where I can lend my services and today will be the day I can say, I've given of myself as Christ has given for me. Amen? Amen!


Hawa said...

Kudos on admitting the procrastination! I am in a similar place, wondering why I haven't started the organization that will take a bit out of unkindness by promoting the fun and life-changing results of random-acts-of-kindness.

But sometimes, what we calculate as procrastination is God using our "down time" to put the finishing touches on our souls... to prepare us for the journey. I know for sure that you are in the right place in your life... and you will begin to pour from yourself as a volunteer the moment it's right. {{hugs}}

beautyinbaltimore said...

I've been saying that I am going to volunter for ever. I think I may volunter with doctors without boarders one day when I finsh nursing school

j.a.c. said...

It's a huge deal that you feel this way. Not everyone has the volunteering spirit, so I'm happy that you realize it and will eventually fill the need to feed it.

Now go get 'em!

BZ said...

Thanks for posting this. I'm only sorry I didn't catch it the first time-around. Evolve it from an intention to an action, girl! You can do it.

blaqrayne said...

Amen. I pray for your strength and courage. I know you can handle it.