30 May 2007

ThOuGhTs FrOm ThE eDgE

WTF is up with people wanting to be all up in your biz, but never say anything about theirs? Get the )%#%) outta here with that!!

Why does the sound of this man at the job’s power wheelchair scare me each time he rides by? *shaking*

Why can’t this damn woman on the other side of my cube realize that her body spray stinks? I could care less that she’s trying to mask the cigarette smell, I don’t need an effin migraine each time she sprays that crap.

I’m sick to death of people making eye contact and not speaking. Just don’t effin look at me then dammit! *ugh*

WTF is wrong with folk not knowing how to say, “excuse me?” before they start a conversation with you while your back is turned?

I so damn wish I could smack stank off the lady who uses the bathroom and doesn’t wash her hands afterward. Just effin nasty!

Why does the geek squad that sits across from me talk so damn loud to each other when they’re like 3 feet apart? *smh*

WTF is wrong with public offices not answering they’re %)P#*%&# phones? Aren’t they supposed to have a damn recording if they’re not available? *trying not to scream*

I wish I still had an office with a door so I would have to put up with the idle banter that sometimes happens around me.

I need a side hustle so I can keep “Bill” out my damn life so I can actually have something out of my paychecks. *tossin lint out of my pocket*

I’m starting to hate online automatic withdrawal payments. *so much for technology*

Why do people give you partial information and expect you to figure out what the hell they’re talking about? *glazed expression*

I love my job, but why in the hell does detailed work always happen shortly before I’m scheduled to leave?

I seriously need a hooky day, I spend too much of my time working. *wiping tears from eyes*

My review is coming up in a couple months, I better get more than 3% for a raise or imma raise some serious Cain.

The cost of gas is so pissing me off cause I like to drive and cant go places as often as I’d like as a result of it; $55-$57 to fill Big Buddy damn near weekly sucks.

Living near the shore effin sucks cause the traffic is a mutha hubba on the weekends.

WTF is wrong with people who start a conversation with you while you’re on the damn phone?

Why am I looking cute today and in such a damn foul mood?

I better find the strength to tie a knot in this rope cause I’m barely hanging on today.


Miz JJ said...

You are definitely having one of those days. The price of gas is ridiculous.

Rayne said...

This should have been called "Just One of Those Days" and that old song by Monica should have been playing in the background.

Oh, no more hooky dayz. Yo' azz dun been ta Jamaica twice!!! So get back to work and you gon' pay what u owe....I want those rough drafts NOW!!!

Mr.Slish said...

Good Laaawd..who pinched you on yo booty today..on second thought I take that back..Cause if someone had pinched yo booty maybe this would have been a different post..lol

Brotha Buck said...

Feel ya, been there. Many days.

The Mistress said...

I know the feeling sugar. I'm at the end of mine as well...sharing your sentiment on needing a hooky day!

Blu Jewel said...

mizjj - yeah, i'm (was) really feeling it

rayne - yeah, i coulda called it "Just One of Those Days", but i truly felt like i was on the edge though. LOL@ pay what you owe.

mr. slish - you're right *lol* if someone had pinched me, i'd be in front of the judge. *sigh*

brotha - don't it suck though? but we have to weather the storm.

mistress - if you weren't across the country, i'd say we could take a hooky day together *smile*

chele said...

They should give you a good raise just to cover the price of gas. Sheesh. I know what you mean about the office thing ... sometimes I just need to escape from the crazy folk.

BZ said...

Let it out, girl! Let it out!

Anonymous said...

I wonder the same things

B.m.W said...

That day could have been the result of you letting a lot of that stuff slide for such a long time. I'm glad you didn't choke any of your coworkers with the phone cord though...ha ha.

But would life be any fun to reminisce about if we didn't have days like this? Keep an emergency smile in that back pocket or purse ;)