20 August 2008

Jamaica is running things...LITERALLY!!!

Okay, I don't usually get all bragadocious, but I can't help it with the way the Jamaican runners have been killing it. I always route for Jamaica in the Olympics and this year was no exception and boy have I ever been proud of my island and it's atheletes.

I'm sure you already know that Usain Bolt has been and continued to do the damn thing and his latest run was absolutely amazing.

Love to the following (that I can immediately name in my elation):
Shelly-Ann Fraser
Kerron Stewart
Melanie Walker
Sherone Simpson
Veronica Campbell-Brown
Vonnette Dixon
Nickeisha Anderson
Aasafa Powell
Marvin Williams

Bigs up to di Jamaica massive everywhere in de worl an aal me yard people dem on di island an nuff luv an rispek to di Jamaican Track/Field athelets. Lawd me know seh dem a party hard an a big it up down a yard.



Don said...

I feel bad cause I have yet to see any track & field competitions. I've been trying to, but I keep missing out. A blogger by the name of Jackie Edwards is a member of the jamaican track & field team, as well.

Blu Jewel said...

Don - man, you're missing out on some good running for real. I've had my DVR set damn near everyday so i don't miss a thing. That's big about Jackie Edwards; her name sounds familiar.


OG, The Original Glamazon said...

Yep...looks like its y'alls turn to build the track and field dynasty. When I was in college it was Barbados that was WRECKING shop well in the college world. *lol*

That green, yellow, and black has been quite impressive!!


koffeedyme said...

WOOOO we running things!!!!
Go Jamaica GO.. proud of my birth place!!!

Wendy said...

Is it any wonder the young mans last name is Bolt? I wish I were in Jamaica now...

Mizrepresent said...

Gurl, they are doing the dayum thing! I mean, can we say Jamaican DOMINANCE!

Blu Jewel said...

OG - yeah, the Bajans did their thing on the college circuit, but no diss to them; where are they in the Olympics? *crickets...lol*

Koofee - yes, mi sistren, we a mash it up! Thanks for the visit.

Wendy - his name predestined him for what's he's been able to accomplish.

Miz - Yes, you can say, "Jamaican DOMINANCE. *smile*

I'm repping my black, gold, and green HARD. And I dedicate the hottest dancehall song out right now to the world...No linga!!!!


OG, The Original Glamazon said...

My bad on calling the gold yellow, so now it does really make sense fro Usain to have the golden shoes...more so than Michael Johnson.

Do you know Johnson didn't think Bolt could break his record? How? This is a man that cruised to a 100m WR. Anyway things keep getting better and better for the Jamaican track and field team each day!!


Blu Jewel said...

OG - it's all good...Michael Johnson's ego is a tad bruised now huh? *lol*


karrie b. said...

big ups to all the west indies...


Hawa Bond said...

I believe it was field negro who said that Jamaica would take over track and field once the drug testing got stepped up.

In other words, Jamaica runs on pure skill while others were winning on juice.

I was impressed with Lightening Bolt's performances. D*mn if I wasn't holding my breath each time he crossed the finish line.