20 August 2008

Top 10 List #4

This one is centered around dating and the potential of new relationships. Since the Blu in my Jewel is shining pretty bright these days, I'm venturing into "getting my groove back" territory and it's both exciting and scary. Here are my thoughts on my current interest...

The excitement and newness

The schoolgirl butterflies

The knowing who I am confidence

Knowing censorship is unnecessary and open/honest dialog is important

Feeling secure knowing I’m not a bag lady and will only bring me into the potential of a new relationship

The cultural familiarity and ease

The imagery of what he's doing/how he looks

The “what are you wearing?” and the “where you thinking about me?” questions

The “when will I see you again?” thought

Waiting and not rushing; knowing a moral compass isn’t a bad thing

The distance even though it’s only a 2+ hour drive

Feeling like I’ve been out of the game for too long

Wondering if he’s truly able to deal with and accept a woman like me

The thoughts that stir in the recesses of my mind

Some of the distracted/empty phone calls

The Unknowns vs. The Doubts vs. The Potential

The sexual tension

Thinking he’s just after the sex

That we have conflicting sexual likes/dislikes

He’s got one hella potty mouth


~Deb said...

Sounds almost as if you wrote out the pros and cons of this. But, the thing you need to do is, write out the pros and cons about HIM.

Is he really right for you? How would you even know that if you don't try?

In casual conversation, I would just say, "Oh my co-worker or friend (whoever) is so nice but she has such an awful time dating because of her potty mouth."

It may sink in.

Enjoy the journey and one advice for you: don't think.

Well, don't over think it too much.

Hope you find pure happiness!

nikki said...

hehehe@this list. looks like erybody is doing the new love thing these days.

Don said...

the sexual tension? you're telling me that you dislike sexual tension? i want to be nosy...

Blu Jewel said...

deb - thanks for your comforting words...you're right, i probably am thinking too much, but i'm trying to be rational i suppose.

nikki - girl, this is waaay too much to deal with, but i'm trying and you know when you reach a certain age, you don't wanna invest unnecessarily and get no yeild.

don - LOL @ being nosey...sexual tension is good, but in this case it's bad. it's too soon, but truth be told he's hella sexy and turns me on something awful. in addition, i'm horny as all hell, so i've really gotta be careful.


Mizrepresent said...

Blu, smh...gurl, i think when i go to sleep, you come alive...if this ain't some of the same ish i'm going through...lol, i love it! I'm gonna surely love it, when we both win!

Blu Jewel said...

Miz - oh, my sweet soul-sister isn't it amazing how the celestial connections work. it's good to know i'm not alone in this and i, too, am looking forward to us winning.


Don said...

Interesting @ it's too soon. How can it be too soon? Seriously. If the chemistry is there I say go for it. Then again I am probably thinking like a dude. So forgive me if it sounds offensive....

Okay, so now I see what you meant by the comment you left on my blog. LOL. Thanks for the reply.

Blu Jewel said...

don - you're really not thinking like a dude, you're thinking like a person in general. i, on the other hand am just thinking...a little too much maybe. *sigh* time will tell.


Believer 1964 said...

Okay, you have just transported me back to dating my husband. It was wild and with all of my insecurities wrapped up in it as well.

Girl, you're so physically connected to the "current interest" that you're exploding with every sentence.

He has a potty mouth?! So what! When we fall in love, we never get to choose what we'd like to keep and get rid of in one another. It's all or nothing in my book! Besides, men confess and will continue to until the day is long "that you can't change me" and women should stop trying.

Pray always and give it to God!

Believer 1964 said...

"girl, this is waaay too much to deal with, but i'm trying and you know when you reach a certain age, you don't wanna invest unnecessarily and get no yeild."

Check this out!

Tyler Perry "Class Reunion"
Go to 4 min


"It's alright because you're tryin' to find your way, but come 30...I don't know what it is about 30...a light comes on. If it don't, check your bulb. Check your bulb!"

Madea goes on for ages 40, 50 and over.

Hysterical and so true!

Hawa Bond said...

I had the same first thought as don.... How the hell did "sexual tension" get on the dislike list??? LOL

I like sexual tension. It lets me know I'm alive. It makes me stay awake staring at the ceiling and causes me to grin like a schoolgirl while talking on the phone.

And in the case of meeting my sweetheart, holding out on that tension early in the relationship let me know how much I liked him, how much he liked me... and made it so much sweeter when love led to releasing... well... ummmm.... TENSION. ;-)