21 August 2008

pic tales

Trifecta... You can't catch a Jamaican woman!

Flag to be proud of!

Damn; just damn! How fly is that?!

Becks...nuff said!

How I get through the days; especially after viewing the next pic...

Oh the thoughts this pic conjures...TFTTB!

Black love never looked so good.

The Adinkra symbol for "I Shall Marry You" when I'm blessed to be married again, I'm having this inked on my ring finger.

Me all glammed up...Karrie.b would be proud!

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jus butterfli said...

all i'm going 2 say is this...

i almost spit soda all over massahs computer screen when i scrolled down & saw ttb pics. I HOLLERED!!! i woulda called u, immediately, but my damn phone rang!

u know u're wrong, right? u coulda prepared me!! LMAO

getsummadat! peace! love!

Blu Jewel said...

Jus - i'm sure massah woulda understood; well, maybe not, but i did warn you...i told you to check out the post...i couldn't help the TFTTB pic; it was like Mastercard...Priceless!

yea, i maybe wrong, but damn if it didn't feel right...CTFU!



nikki said...

lawdy...those photos were too much.

btw, you're gorgeous!

um, back to the male crotch shots...

Don said...

nice banner and pic, blu. such a warm and sweet looking woman. and i'm sure karrie b. is going to smile once she sees what you wrote about her in your glam pic.

i see what you mean now about the jamaican woman - definitely running thangs. michelle obama is kinda thick, i never realized that.

Blu Jewel said...

nikki - lmao@ your reaction to the "crotch shots". It couldn't be helped.

thanks for the compliment *blush*

don - thanks for the compliments Don. i hope she is, Karrie.b is my idol. I tried to learn you about the JA women *lol*. Michelle Obama has a beautiful woman.


Wendy said...

Simply gorgeous! I love that picture of you on the banner.

Nics pics,Becks ummm...Jamaica, yes very fast...Becks ummm...lol

Darius T. Williams said...

Black love is good, right!

karrie b. said...

blu, you are SOOOOO beautiful.


Blu Jewel said...

wendy - thanks, that pic was taken before embarking on a fantastic evening in NYC. LMAO@ your reaction to Becks *wink*

darius - yes, black love is so wonderful.

karrie.b - thanks girlie...that's so big coming from you.


Mizrepresent said...

Beautiful pic lady, beautiful smile! Gurl, you had me smiling right back at ya!

"can't catch a Jamaican woman" lol, you ain't never lied...you better slow down Blu!

Eb the Celeb said...

jamaica is definitely killin it this year... and its their due time... they have been waiting a loooonng time for this much notoriety

cute pic missy

So...Wise...Sista said...

My mother talked about the olympics nonstop for about an hour and a half the other day...then fell asleep right before the 4x100 relay. lol

Mr.Slish said...

Ummm Did I give you permission to put all your goodies on this page!...Proper paperwork was never handed to me...lol Is who yuh ah try fi impress Emperess with yo t-shirt and yo Uh Uh on...lol...

Believer 1964 said...

I remember Blu being incognito behind that blue gem and me wondering about the woman behind the blog. Well, you've certainly busted loose and compliments on the glam look. You're beautiful Blu...inside and out!

WOW! I see what all the hype is now about Becks [sorry honey, I don't mean your German beer].

PreciousGem-Refinement in Progress said...

You look fantastic!

Blu Jewel said...

miz - thanks for the compliment...smiling is something I do well. This JA girl runs with the best of them. *smile*

eb - thanks to the big ups to the Jamaica massive.

wise - LMAO @ your mum.

slish - oh mi darlin big yout; me never know seh mi did fi file papers wid you. at least me never post me pix from when me did at di beach in Negril *wink*

believer - you're right, I did used to hide behind the blu gem, but as i grew and matured, i knew i had to fully shine and revealing myself was a part of that. Hysterically LMAO @ your comment on Beck's (not the German beer)

precious - thank you and thanks for the visit.


T.C. said...


JenellyBean said...


Her speech last night was so enchanting.

I really believe we got this Blu!

Ms. Confessions said...

Love The Pic of you :)

Blu Jewel said...

@t.c - big smile!

@jenelly - yes, they're a beautiful couple

@ms - thanks lady


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