18 June 2009

what i know for sure...

...hurt people; hurt people

...without communication there is NO honest/open/effectual dialog

...another CAN NOT make you whole; you gotta get there by yourself

...if you don't love yourself, you can't effectively love another

...stop believing in the fairy tale; not every relationship has a happy ending; create your own

...sex as a foundation for a relationship is like building a house on sand

...honor your gut feelings/intuition and stick by deal breakers

...know and adhere to your tolerance factor; stop making excuses for others behaviour

...compromising on some things is okay, but settling is not

...not only hear, but listen to what people are telling you; there's a valuable lesson in doing both

...accepting that which you know is wrong or unhealthy for you; sets the tone for how you're treated

...honor your mind AND body

...physical satisfaction is great, but temporary; total (mind/body/soul) satisfaction lasts longer

...loving someone and liking them are two different things; know the difference

...sex and intimacy are not one in the same; neither is sensuality and sexuality

...being single is NOT a bad thing

...being with someone just to say you are IS a bad thing

...carry yourself in the fashion you want to be treated and you will be treated accordingly

...watch both what people say and do; they're telling you something all the time

...if you allow yourself to be mistreated, you can't blame anyone else for it

...if he's not already taking care of the kids he has, do NOT have a child with him

...infidelity is not cool, but if you're gonna cheat BOTH parties need to use protection

...what goes on behind closed doors; stays behind closed doors

...if you chose to share your personal/private/intimate business, ensure the person you're sharing with is ABSOLUTELY and UNEQUIVACABLY trustworthy and you have dirt on them too (lol)

...respect and trust are earned and not to be treated or taken lightly

...playing the game and not knowing the rules or your position is not a good look

...confidence, maturity, and self-awareness is sexy

...bragging don't make it the truth; self-praise is not flattery

And those are my gems of wisdom for the day.

love to live; live to love


Anonymous said...

I agree with you on many points, and can relate personally through my own journey.

Self-respect is a beautiful thing, and I notice this is a common thread through most of your gems today.

Keep sharing the wisdom, because even those that know it need reminders.

CareyCarey said...

We do learn lessons along the way, don't we. I get so annoyed when I hear people say "she/he has a lot of nerve, I remember when ...blah blah.

It's time for me to say "What About A Time Called Now" ...I'd rather "have been" than "are".

Like you, I am speaking from the experience of making mistakes. My story is winding down, when you get a chance, check it out.

Keith said...

Standing and Applauding Blu Jewel
I love all of these.

Hurt people do hurt other people.
That one especially rings true for me.I've dated so many women who made me pay for something someone else did to them

And most Players (Male and Female) have had their hearts broken in the past and never gotten over it!

Angela Breidenbach said...

I enjoyed your post today! It caught my attention because I am a life coach and my business name is Gems of Wisdom. I think you are on the right track!
Angie Breidenbach
Mrs. Montana International 2009

Solomon said...

I love your list of thoughts, or 'Gems" for the day. There are so many people out there that just play games, plain and simple, and I won't put up with any of that ish anymore. I'd rather be by myself than stay stuck in someone else'd mess.

Blu Jewel said...

@Believer - The journey is laden with many things; good or bad; it's what we do with the experiences that makes the most difference. Self-respect is something that so many take for granted

@Carey - A Time Called Now is the culmination of all we've gone through and how well we're applying it to our current lives.

@Keith - I feel you on being held accountable for what others have done. Even though I was horribly hurt in my past, I never took it out on a current; in fact, I tended to love him that much harder; too bad he was too stupid to receive. Oh well, his loss will be someone else's gain one day.

@Angela - Thank you for stopping by to check me out and I'm happy that you found what I'd posted enjoyable.

@Soloman - Amen to that! Right now, I live life on MY terms and you're either on board or not. Yes, I'm willing to bend or bow a little, but not if it's not in my best interest. Keep on keeping on sweetie; take that necessary stand.

love to live; live to love!

Her Side said...

Oh good Lord. That probably summarizes my last two weeks of conversations, arguments, revelations, and experiences.

Things can get awfully sketchy when you're the mate of a person still trying to grasp most of these gems.

::high five::, Blu.

Mocha Dad said...

There is much wisdom in these statements.

T.C. said...

i definitely feel you...i was going to say that the first one was the one that stood out but NOPE it wasn't it was the entire thing...you breaking it down blu! you breaking it down!

Anonymous said...

I have nothing of value to add *lol*! I simply wanted to say that I love this post. Like T.C., I thought the first one resonated the most, but as I continued to read, each one was potent! Thank you, thank you! I'm saving this list!

Blu Jewel said...

@ Her Side - At least I know I'm not the only one who's pondered.

@Mocha Dad - your first visit? Thank you for stopping by and am happy that you found it a good read.

@T.C - I have to use life and all of its lessons for the good and betterment of us all. I'm glad I could touch you so deeply

@mrstdj - I'm flattered that you want to save this list.

love to live; live to love!