30 June 2009

Endorphins, heartbeat highs, and other things that make you moist or swoon

I spoke with Achilles Heel today! That in and of itself gives me the butterflies worse than anticipating your first kiss. He’d been on my mind the past few days and I refused to call. Not because I didn’t want to, but because I was enjoying the feeling that thinking of him gave me. He’s been in my prayers; prayer’s for his safety; his health; his stability (emotional, mental, and physical; the development of our continued friendship and a few other things that would resort in over sharing…lol!

He called this morning and I missed the call for having the phone on my bed while I was in the bathroom; music blasting. When it was time for me to leave the house, I picked up the phone and didn’t realize he’d not only called, but left a message. Upon noticing the missed call, I promptly called back.

Me: - Sorry, I didn’t realize til now that you called (cheesing hard)

A.H – Yea right! You just didn’t want to talk to me…I see how it is.

Me: - C’mon now, that’s not the case; never the case.(fawning)

A.H: - Uh, huh. (grinning…could hear it in his voice)

Me: - Did you get the package?

A.H: - Yea. Thanks…so that means you didn’t listen to my voicemail?

Me: - No. I saw the missed call and just called back…I’ll listen to it later.

A.H: - Okay.

Me: - Anyway, how are you?

And then we went into what we’ve been up to etc since we last spoke and I’m grinning like the Spelling Bee Champion and feeling like I was injected with anything and everything that could make me high. The conversation didn’t last too long as he had to get back to work, but said he’d call later. I then listened to the 50 second voice message he left and felt a warmth rush over me as I eargasmed and paused when he said, “wow” over the letter I’d sent.

Call #2 was a review of the letter I’d sent along with a CD containing a collection of songs that I thought he’d like. I asked about his reaction to the letter and why it was “wow!” He read the letter back to me and punctuated certain parts of it with where the “wows!” fit in. I was elated. We talked about this and that and that and this and the easy conversation that exists between us married our words into verbal bliss and I was completely satiated.

Unfortunately, duty called and he had to end the conversation, but I’m sure he’ll call back before days end. While at lunch, I was overcome with this amazing rush that erupted within me and all I could do was smile. My heart was and still is very content; he does that to me. He gets me; he feels me; my energy. He’s the balance to my scale; the north in my compass; the ray of sunshine in my otherwise gloomy day; the one person in this world (outside of Lil Lady) that moves me and brings me joy beyond measure. I heart him undeniably; unequivocally to the point of craziness looking sane. Yea, he’s got and does that thang!

Love to live; live to love!


Keith said...

Sounds like Love to me Blu Jewel...

QueenBee said...

Time to pull the daisy dukes back out.

Blu Jewel said...

@Keith - oh it's love alright and then some; hence, his moniker

@Queen - Don't put ideas in my head lady! LOL!

Love to live; live to love!

Anonymous said...

The excitement and joy that you are feeling is contagious! Enjoy the feelings!

MOMSWEB said...

Girrrl, sounds like he's your chocolate high! You had ME smiling from ear to ear as I followed the conversation. Nothing like being high on love.

Her Side said...

How could somebody not smile and share in the familiar feeling that your post evokes? I'm lovin' it. lol

Anonymous said...

To be there is simply delicious isn't it?

I was thinking about what it was like dating my husband and shared about it recently. WOW! I remember it all, and you're bringing it all back again with this post. Thank you!