25 June 2009

Things that make upset in the community

...the continued fad of saggin pants
...proceating with known dead beat dads
...having expensive and tricked out cars while living in the hood or with yo mama
...how folk be tawkin like dey don't know no bedda
...showing up at your childs school looking a triple hot mess
...having money to get your hair and nails did, but fuss that baby doesn't have any milk/pampers
...spending more money on material things (bling, cars, clothes etc.,) and not on things that promote wealth (education, stability, upward mobility etc.,)
...keeping up with your vehicles scheduled maintenance and not on your health
...blaming your obesity on being big-boneded
...putting Tims, Jordans, or other expensive shoes on a baby that can't walk
...doing nothing to uplift your community, but complain that the other folk have this or that
...women who dress scantily clad and gyrate to mysogonistic lyrics and then complain about being stepped to some kind of way
...teaching our children to be grown and then fuss them out for "acting grown"
...knowing lyrics to all the horrible songs out there, but not know the schoolwork
...being able to do the latest dance, but can't pass a fitness test
...speaking Ebonics and such is NOT proper English
Love to live; live to love!


QueenBee said...

Yes girlfriend. That blog was better than hot sex on a platter. I love it all, but especially when you talk about putting them expensive shoes on children that can't even walk and then darn saggy pants. I told my son that I ain't raising no thug and he will not have no prison-like mentality; so he knows not to even try me. You said the darn thing very well.

QueenBee said...
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Strongblkwmn said...

I think you covered it all. There's nothing else to be said.

Keith said...

Bravo...I loved all of your points.
This post was good...but uh er..ahhh ...not better than Hot sex on a platter...In fact I'll take a serving right now! :)

CareyCarey said...

Stop it Keith, if any flirting gonna be done in this house it's gotsta be me *lol*.

"Waitress,two plates of some of dat hot stuff on a sticky platter. One for me and one for my friend"

Oh lawd, there goes that ebonic mess you were talking about. Are there any kids around?

Good post Blu.

Anonymous said...


T.C. said...

after last night the FREAKING BET awards YET again!

ebony said...

Amen, amen & amen!

Can I be "thick" instead of "big-boneded?"

Blu Jewel said...

@ All - It's nice to know that I have others who share these sentiments. It's appalling how we conduct ourselves even after many pledged to change once Obama got in office. Oh, the lies and deception.

@ Keith & Carey - Y'all don't have any gosh dang sense at all. Too funny!

Agrees that Black Embarassment T.V once again how well coonfuggery can run rampant.

Love to live; live to love

Rich Fitzgerald said...

I was surely going to add Bafoonery Entertainment Television to the list, but I see someone beat me to it. Great list.

Blu Jewel said...
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Blu Jewel said...

@ Rich - love Bafoonery Entertainment Televsion.

love to live; live to love!

Maxine said...

break it down! I'm glad I discovered your space. It rocks!