28 January 2010

my bad!

I know I was on a roll for minute with my blogging and I was enjoying the daily postings, but I've fallen off the wagon and I'm sorry about that. I will get back on effective tomorrow. And trust me, I've got a lot to say.

I'll start with some random stuff...

Men are coming out of the woodwork right now, but none of them are The Him that I want.

The current lunar phase is wreaking havoc; havoc I tell you on my hormones. ARGH!

My spiritual walk is amazing and I'm so enjoying it.

I finally got my way with the oncologist and am now seeing him every six months instead of every three.

My sense of purpose is becoming more clearly defined

I'm going to go back to school and get my certification in Womens Studies.

I'm planning a retreat at my house this summer

Lil Lady got accepted to my Alma Mater

I have some new inspiration for my writing

Temptation is really knocking hard on my door.

Okay, that's all for now, and you will get something of substance VERY soon.

It's all possible!


LadyLee said...

What do you mean you'll have something of substance later? This what you wrote here was of substance here and now, honey! Humph.


chele said...

Thanks for stopping by your own spot! LOL.

Luv said...

what Chele said,

I come here to determine how much farther on my path I need to go...I come here to get schooled, so I am glad that school is now back in session

Blu Jewel said...

@ LAdy - LOL...thanks!

@Chele - I know right

@Luv - Thanks sweetie. I smile each time you stop by.

It's all possible!

Anonymous said...

All the best on the summer retreat. I pray all our refreshed and memories are made.

Asher said...

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