10 January 2010

Open Letter #3 - A Day Late!

So, this morning, just as I pulled into my church's parking lot I received a call from The He that I posted about in Open Letter #2. I'm thinking his timing couldn't be any worse, but I answered the call anyway.

He was very sterile in his tone and said he "needed" to speak with me. After instructing him to do go ahead, I listened to his words and once he was finished, I simply said, "you do whatever you need to do, I've always told you that"; politely ended the call and went into what was the most amazing and when I tell you amazing services; I'm still doing it no justice. I digress because I didn't bring you all here to tell you that.

Anyway, The He rambled on about how he needs to take time to get his life right blah, blah, and yada, yada and said that while he was going through whatever processes he needs to, he wouldn't be contacting me. And? It's not like he was making any major contributions to my life anyway. Little did he know that I was already steps ahead on him in that department. Given that I'd written Open Letter #2 on Dec 9th, his sudden revelation was of no surprise or consequence to me; maybe that's why I didn't send it in the first place.

Whether The He realizes it or not, I have the spirit of discernment and while I once put it on the curb and drove away from it like I was abandoning an unwanted puppy, I've since gone back for it and use it wisely and use it well. My spirit had already prepared me for this day and I was neither shocked nor surprised why the words of his call. I know this man better than he obviously knows himself and I didn't need to react in any way other than the way I did.

You see, when you've come to a place of peace and contentment with yourself and your life, there isn't much that can disrupt that. I pray my strength in the Lord daily and His words and the manifestation of them keep me shrouded in a warm cloak of spiritual protection. I truly believe that no weapon formed against me shall prosper. I know the truth of the words, "Blessed is he when man shall revile you and speak all manner of evil against you falsely". I've overcome far worse than The He saying he's taking "time out" from our friendship. Whatever! (Said, in my Becky voice)

I actually rejoice in that fact that I know I'd given my all as a friend and sometimes a lover to him for 14.5 years (the lover part not served concurrently), so for him to not want to include me in his life for now or forever is no big deal.

The man that I'm supposed to be with with come. I'm free and open to receive that and now more than ever, I know this to be true. I am more than happy; I'm elated! I'm free from any and all emotional bondage and there is not a damn thing anyone can do to me from hence forth that I haven't already had happen. As I said, I know from whence my strength comes.

Today's sermon came from Ephesians 3:14-21 for any of you who read the word. Not only did the scripture strengthen me, the way it was delivered fed my soul and I know that I am exceedingly abundantly good and in a wonderful place in my life.

So, in closing I can say, "you're a day late and $100 dollars short babe, because as always, I'm one step ahead. Blessings to you and your life and may the journey you're on give you the clarity you seek and may you one day finally be at peace."

Readers, I wish you all a fabulous day and may your week ahead be filled exceedingly abundantly well.

It's all possible!


LadyLee said...

LOL @ A day late and 100 dollars short. Goodness.

Peace and contentment are key. Shoot girl, that's how I'm beginnning to look at every situation and judge whether the person/situation needs to be removed or brought closer. Are you shoring up or disrupting my peace?

Peace in one's spirit is the best umpire in the world.

How many open letters you doing, Blu? Keep em' coming because I am learning much.

Anonymous said...

Hey Blu, First off thanks for rolling through. Its always nice to hear from you.

I am currently living the flipside of your coin I guess and I wish my ex was 1/2 as intuitive as you and I wouldn't feel so frustrated now.

I am a firm believer that we should have enough self love an confidence to walk away when someone makes it plain they do not wish to share their lives with us.

Zora Neale Hurston and I agree on that one real truth. I am amazed that they would deny themselves my company, but at the end of the day it is their loss not mine.

Here's hoping he realizes one important thing when he realizes the mistake he made in turning his back on you...I pray he realizes its too late to change it and keeps stepping.

Much Love Girl!

Blu Jewel said...

@Lady - Peace is a non negotiable in my life. I've put up with the lack thereof for too long in my life and I'm not inclined to allow it to be stolen or disrupted; especially for foolishness and foolish people. If you're not for me, then you're against me and to that I say, on ya bike!

@Ingrid - It was my pleasure to stop by and I'll make a point to stop by more often.

I completely agree with Zora Neale Hurston. This is and will be his loss. I've more than invested in him and now he has to move on and move out. Whether he realizes his mistake or not, will be of no consequence to me because my life is not a revolving door.

It's all possible!

Luv said...

one day i will be where you are...again.

i am so determined to let God lead me through