02 January 2010

Open Letter #1 - Dear Self

Dear Self:

You've come from the valleys to the mountains peak and there is no turning back. You have overcome so much and your are a shining example of God's grace, favour and mercy for those who remain vigilant and faithful. You are the victory as are no longer a victim and every trial you faced, you found a triumph in it. No lesson; no matter how ugly or painful was a bad one as you learned from it and walked away with clarity and understanding.

You've embraced life and live it to it's full potential. You are a role model for those who need one and you pride yourself in your spiritual walk as you know it's the best path to be on. While you may trip or stagger; heck, you may even fall, but as long as you get back up and continue to ask Father to bless and keep you, your bruises will not last.

You are a whole, complete, and sustained woman who knows her place in this world and knows that everything done with purpose and intent on a foundation of love will flourish.

You will receive your reward and rejoice loudly and proudly with those who walk with you, hold you up when you're down, and support you. This year you will receive love in it's right form. You will be with someone who'll appreciate the woman you are and encourage you to continue to bloom in your garden of life.

Each and everyday you will seek and find the good knowing that the only reason why life is complicated is because people make it that way. You will be a part of solutions and not situations and your beauty shall continue to shine from within as that's where Father's light lives.

I love you; encourage you; cherish you; and will always take care of you.

Live this life well my dear as there is no encore.

It's all possible!


Solomon said...

If I didn't know better I would think you were speaking to me with this piece.

Twelve months ago I was definitely in the valley trying to start my climb up the mountain. It seemed like every time I made any progress for the longest time I would then take the ole two steps back. But I also found the mountains peak after a year of much struggle, pain, and hardship.

I never thought I was going to make it. I was kicked when I was down so many times I couldn't even imagine seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. But I kept my faith in God, and never doubted that he would come through for me. Everyday I asked Him for guidance and believed that everything that was haapening, was doing so for a reason.

I have came out the other side a much stronger person that doesn't look at the world the same any longer. My whole life I felt lost and confused and today I feel whole and blessed.

It took all those hardships for me to asked Him for His protection and care.

Today I feel blessed.

Blu Jewel said...

@Solomon - I'm so happy that you were able to receive this as a blessing. So often we go through life wondering if we're the only one with problems, but it's when we open up and share that we realize we're all going through many of the same things.

I know this for sure and that's God never leaves us, it's always us that leave him, but the good thing is that he always keeps an open door and allows us to come back home.

I'm happy that you're on the mountaintop too and I know with God's grace and your faith, you'll stay there.

It's all possible!

LadyLee said...

Lawd have Mercy, girl... if you sneeze, that dress is gonna rise up and we'll see all your "bizness".


On the serious tip....You've spoken a word, prophetic and edifying in its making, over yourself. I may have to repost at my spot soon, if you don't mind...

I needed to read that tonight, Ma.
Thanks for posting it.

T.C. said...

I know that you wrote this letter for and to yourself, but i honestly believe that i was reading this and it was for ME! the last 6 months of 2009 i experienced more trails and pain and valley lows but as 2010 rounded the corner i saw the mountains peak and felt and peace i haven't felt in a long long time...everything you said i feel and believe and its like a confirmation to myself!
thank you for sharing your letter your words of wisdom your love with all of us....

like you said its ALL possible and i truly believe it will happen

Blu Jewel said...

@Lady - LOL on my dress. It was longer when I was standing. I'd be honoured if you reposted it at your spot. I'm happy you found something beneficial in it.

@T.C - Hey lil sis; it's been a while. It seems that there was many of us who ran the race of trials, but the fact that we didn't give up and we made it to the mountain top is a continued reflection of just how good God is. I'm happy that I was able to speak positivity into your life. As long as we believe it will all happen.

It's all possible!

Luv said...

wow..it seems that everyone is on the same wavelength..

isn't it sad how easy we can forget our worth and forget what we can and have accomplished?

i pray that you find great peace in 2010 and accomplish more than you dream of

QueenBee said...


MOMSWEB said...

Loooove this!
There is no doubt that you are prepared for an exciting year. By the way, you look fabulous in your photo. You go, girrrrrl!

Blu Jewel said...

@Luv - It's great that so many are riding this wave of happiness, self-awareness, and self-improvement/love. Thank you for wishing me well.

@Queen - Thank you *blush*

@Mom - I am receiving this year as the blessing and gift it is. Thanks for the compliment.

It's all possible.