07 January 2010

Thursday’s Thoughts! (Random miscellany)

My faith and spiritual walk are in optimal condition right now

Even when I think I’m at my worst, I know God still sees me at my best

I looked back at some recent pix of myself and if I say so myself, I wear the heck out of simple black dresses.

Just so you know, there is no such thing as too many black dresses; just as there’s no such thing as too many pairs of shoes

I have aged well and gracefully compared to my high school and college counterparts

In comparison to how I was raised, I’m a damn good parent

There’s nothing more special than your child saying, “I’m proud of you mommy” and “thank you for all that you do for me”.

The view from where I stand is awesome!

Blogging again feels really good

I thank LadyLee for that. She said she missed me writing and she betted me $10 to write daily. I’m doing pretty well so far

Cleaning house and closing doors has never felt so good

Starting this year out in church was the most amazing feeling of joy and satisfaction

The New Him…mmmm!

I’m keeping my arms tightly wrapped around life and celebrating every blessed day that I have

Love! So much to say about it, but I’d rather feel it instead!

Lil Lady will be 18 this year and as mature as she is, she still knows she needs her mummy

There is going to be the most amazing and positive shift in my life within the next 5 months; I can feel it

I sometimes detour from the path, but God never leaves my side when I do

Don’t tell me; show me!

Blessed is he (she) when man shall revile you and speak all manner of evil against you falsely. Thank you to all my enemies, naysayers, and haters because I’m still here and doing well I might add.

Compliments are only as good as the sincerity behind them

Speak positivity into your life daily

I’m so enjoying being an example worth following

It's all possible!


Solomon said...

Love your random thoughts. I know I feel like I'm at my worst the last week or so. But I know I am blessed and like you I want to keep it positive.

If it wasn't for my haters I wouldn't be the person that I am today! Like you, I am still standing.

Great randomness!

LadyLee said...

Yeah mon! I owe you 10 bucks!

*Lee balls up ten 1 dollar bills tightly in fist and throws them all the way from ATL to Jersey*

Heck, you've taken it so deep that I just go and read these last few posts over and over again... Your words are making me shake in my shoes!!! Keep writing! PLEASE!

Blu Jewel said...

@Solomon - Staying positive is the only way to live; leave the negative to the haters ;-)

@Lady - don't tease me, I sure could use $10 right now. Oh stop it! I am gonna keep on writing though; you have my word on that.

It's all possible!

chele said...

Ok ... so it's LadyLee that we have to thank for your return. Thanks OldGirl!!!!

You were definitely missed. I love your message ... you always come from a positive place.

Luv said...

i enjoy reading your blogs.. i know for me life sometimes get in the way but once i get back to it seems to put everything back into it's rightful place