28 September 2006

Back From The Plantation

Hi, my name is Kizzy Kimbo an dun jus come back from da plantation werr i dun werk't real hard awl week. Pleez cuse ma dicshun whiles i's tryna stop Harpo from wannin to beat me cause he food ain't ready. T'ain't ma fawlt really cuz i been werkin real hard to make dat minimum wage...LMAO!

Okay, all jokes aside...Yeah, I really am tired as hell and I do feel like I've been working harder than hookers when the sailors come to port. Man, this has been a hella week. To add more intensity to my already stressed week, I had a few incidents that needed immediate attention. You know the kind that cost unexpected amounts of money. (sigh) Oh well, I'm still living and breathing.

Now, you'd think with a week like the one I've had, the stress of it all is what would have me a tad pissed off right? Wrong! What has me ticked is my nosey ass fucking coworkers who can't mind their damn business to save their lives. On at least three separate occasions were my personal conversations listened to, I received unsolicited commentary. WTF??? Thoughts in progress at the time...
1) Why can't you respect the fact that I WASN'T talking to you and MY business is just that?
2) If I wanted your opionon, unsolicited advice, or your general 2 cents, I could have frickin given it to you or asked for it. (neither was the damn case)
3) If you're not a part of the solution, then you're a part of the problem.

It was at that very moment where I said to myself IS IT JUST ME?

I sit in a damn cubicle and you all know that you get minimal privacy at best. When speaking with others in my cube it's a given that we speak in a hushed tones as not to alert the nosies. And if I'm on the phone, I speak lowly to prevent the said nosies from being all in. That works sometimes, but it's not always easy for the other party to hear me or think they haven't mistaken me for a Girl Six and I'm maxing out their credit card with sexy diatribe. (that wouldn't be a bad side hustle though...tick, tock, tick tock....thoughts in motion...lol!)

I came dangerously close to blazing a said nosie's ass today because he was all in mine like he and I had been in conversation about a particular incident I was dealing with. The Divine is truly wonderful because it not for Him, it would have gotten a tad ugly.

Well, I'm home now and am making the most of my evening and looking forward to NOT having to get up at o' dark thirty to get ready to for my day on the plantation.


jus.b.fli said...

AHAHAHAHA... @ "I do feel like I've been working harder than hookers when the sailors come to port."

Girl! I am so feelin' you on the co-workers, too. Sometimes they will make you want to slap fye... yes FYE... from their asses, won't they?!!?

I love this post... I will probably think about it tomorrow when I'm bailin' my own cotton and laugh my ass off!! Thank you for this!!

Peace! Today, Be... forever joyful!

Susan Abraham said...

Oh Blu,

I do hope you feel better soon.
And as for all that stress...I hope it's not a bad joke to say that it never rains but pours...

Take it easy.

The Wandering Author said...

Blu, I know the kind of week you're talking about. I hope things look up for you.

BlaqRayne said...

I'm joining you on this one. The devil has been working OT this week, but I'm STILL STANDIN'!

I think you should have eloquently put that nosey azz co-worker in his place. I know you have the gift of using that razor sharp tongue while still being a professional lady (I taught you so well...lol).

When life floods you out, God throws you a raft. Or maybe a kayak cause you bougie like dat...just kiddin'! Keep ya head up.

Copasetic Soul said...

how about one big

woooooooo saaaaaaaa

and breath!

Hawa Bond said...

OMG, girl! I know what you mean about the cubicles where we work. No wonder why so many people wander around outside with cell phones. Even a hushed conversation around here is on major blast... 'cause everybody can hear yo buziness. LOL

My cubicle neighbor commented on things she heard e.g. my phone conversation, but she is always so sincere about it so I don't sweat it. :-)

Susan Abraham said...

Hi Blu,
Just popping in one more time to wish you a grand weekend.

Brotha Buck said...

Have a great weekend. I know how it is to have a tough week.

JoJo D. said...

Girl, I was so glad when a former coworker's office became available (because he took another job out of town)! I hurried up and swooped down on that. When I saw in a four way cubicle arrangement with these three other women, I used to have to stuff my headphones in my ears to keep from being party to the most stupid, weird, repulsive, and assinine conversations between the other three. I hated those cackling hens.

And people sure are nosy. When they hear you on the phone, they automatically get this eavesdropping/fake worried look on their face so they can delve right in find out all your business. Like their gonna offer you some support or something.

People do need to mind their own business.

A woman on the move said...

*waving* Hey Girl!

Mominator said...

ROTFLMAO at the first paragraph! My ex-MIL spoke just like that. My poor mom was asking me to translate. *rolling eyes*

I'm a tad late here, but swamped (which seems to be the theme lately) and pissed off (another theme) because of everything falling apart! this included the a/c with it in the 90's. grrr... But all is good, I too am still breathing.. amazingly.

Have a great week!


The Mistress said...

No you didn't open up this post like that!


But I know the feeling of being slave driven. Boy do I know that feeling well!

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