20 September 2006

I've heard enough!

Raise your hands if you know someone who knows they have severe issues and does nothing about it aside from bitching and whining how it’s not their fault or how they don’ t know what to do to resolve it.


I’ve been listening to a woman at work go on daily tirades about her life and the people in it. To hear her tell it, you’d think the woman was Mother Theresa though. Each day, I hear her make disparaging remarks about everyone and how they’re at fault for this, that, and the third, yet while she knows she’s partly to blame for not saying anything; it’s still NOT her fault. She has a hip problem, but won’t remain in therapy to heal it. She doesn’t like her car, but won’t trade it for something else because it’s paid for. Her son has a girlfriend he won’t bring home and spends a lot of time either with her or with her friends. Hubby travels a lot, but makes tons of money, so “I guess I’ll just have to accept it.” (quoting her). Shit like this goes on and on and could give the Energizer Bunny, Lance Armstrong, and the (now defunct) Concord a run for their money.

Earlier today she whined about the neighbors kid who uses her pool as a part of his daily exercise routine. “Does he have to start so early or use it so late?” She whined to her coworker. Meanwhile she’s given him permission to use it. “That light is very bright when I’m trying to sleep”, she went on. Of course my smart-ass remark (to myself) was, then just tell the damned kid that he either has to adjust his times or not use the pool. Not more than ten seconds later, her coworker says damn near what I said. I guess my telepathic rays were in full effect at that moment. Now, one would think she might consider what was being said right? Wrong! Double; triple wrong. This woman commenced to now make excuses citing that “…he needed to exercise…that he was doing something constructive, and that it was for the greater good.” WTF right? EXACTLY WHAT I WAS THINKING!!!
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I decide to rid my mind of this annoying and whining woman and mind my own business, but how the hell can I when she talks so damn loud. ARGH!! So, again, I’m listening to the heffa whine, and now she’s going on about how she wants to do more with her time, but he has to take care of her husband and son. (Remember though…hubby travels a lot and son is a super geek who’s hardly home). So, you tell me who the hell is she taking care of? The cat? Nooo…it’s out trolling the neighborhood and getting knocked up cause she thinks it’s inhumane to have it spayed and keep it inside. “Cats are supposed to have the freedom of going in or out”. Yes, the heffa has said that.

Readers, I’m surprised I don’t have a hearing problem for 1) having to listen to her self-effacing tirades and the whining that will probably go on for all perpetuity, or 2) for how loud I sometimes listen to the music in my ear buds. Whichever deafens me first will surely be her fault and then I’ll file a petty lawsuit against her for wrongful termination of my hearing acuities and have her tied up in litigation for a while and show her what she really has to complain about. That’ll learn her.



BluJewel said...

Blogger was acting the %&)#*% up, so please excuse the jacked fonts and poor spacing in this post.

jus.b.fli said...


This was so funny and I love the cartoon at the top! It sounds like ole girl just LIKES being a doormat or sumthin'! And she probably talks loud because she wants EVERYBODY in the office to feel sorry for her.

Thanks for sharing this! It gave me a much needed laugh!

Peace! Today, Be... cool! If you can still hear! :D

blaqrayne said...

LMBAO...I know just what you mean. You can't cut any slack on her at all. She is just waaay out in "oh poor me land". I can't tolerate those people who invite problems to come and stay, just so they'll have something to talk about.

Sounds like you need to take frequent trips to a place I call iPod Land during the work day...LOL.

Thanks for sharing.

Susan Abraham said...

Hi Blu,

What a pain! You may just have to find a way to tell her off in a way that she will know you won't ever take her nonsense again.

Is that my beloved Calvin up there in your post? He's sooooooo CUTE!

Brotha Buck said...

I have a coworker like that. Drives me crazy. I have to force myself to be nice. Usually, its good to let the go, and listen, then fill your life with positive, proactive people, for balance.

shereejoi said...

I would simply say will you just shut the F*** up please!

The Mistress said...

This chick sounds like a head case for real. Props to your for putting up with it this long!

I'd like to slap her for thinking cats should have the "freedom" to go in and out...this is how animals get picked up by the humane society. Your pets should be in the damn house and not roaming the neighborhood. People do cruel things to animals they think are strays. I've heard of them being run over, poisoned, etc.

She's a dumbass.

Solomon said...

I've seen that before. I hate complainers. The problem is that now I tend to treat everybody like they did something wrong and they refuse to admit it.