11 September 2006

In Rememberance of 9/11

As I remember where I was, what I was doing, and whom I was with on September 11th, 2001, I not only pause to give a respectful moment to those who died, but for those who survived because none of us were unaffected by that day. The FDNY will forever be immortalized for their heroism, selflessness, and dedicated service, as will the other men and woman who volunteered their time, talents, and service. However, ladies and gentlemen, let us not forgot those still fighting the effects of 9/11; the thousands of service members called to active duty as a result of that day; many of whom are still activated. The lives of many men and women; some not even legally able to drink were called to service to fight so-called War on Terrorism.

Though I'm not going to get into a political tirade about who did what and who's profiting from this alleged "war", I will digress and say while we can't always believe the press, I think the stats speak for themselves More Americans blame Bush for 9/11. Though it really doesn't take a CNN top story for many of us (including those who voted for the pres) to realize that a gargantuan disservice has been done to this country and the people. In addition, having known many who are or were deployed as a result of that fatefull day, the effects are still very real and still on-going. So, as we reflect on 9/11 specifically, please reflect on those still "at war".


JoJo D. said...

I have a young niece serving in Iraq right at this very moment becaus of the tragedy that happened this very day 5 years ago. If we (the Gov'ment) don't stop what we're doing, the number of lives (our military troops) lost in Iraq will start to outnumber the lives that were lost in the World Trade Center tragedy.

God have mercy on us all.

JC said...

I know 1 person who died in NYC and a few who are serving, a couple are home now with injuries. It's really sad and it hurts to remember that day.

Agrees with jojo about the numbers. That shit is no joke for real.

Hawa Bond said...

For some reason, this anniversary of 9/11 is strange for me. Every time I have to write the date, I get a surreal feeing. It wasn't like that for the past anniversaries and I can't imagine why. It's almost like the scent of the real after-effects are in the air, like a strange calm before an unusual storm.

BlaqRayne said...

I remember that day vividly. I was one of the fortunate people who were able to find their loved ones at a later time. I can't describe how I felt while I was waiting to confirm that they were all okay. My heart goes out to all of those who lost friends and loved ones. Additionally, my love, honor and respect go out to all of those who are still fighting this war both emotionally and physically.

nikki said...

i was at cnn.com reliving the day in real-time and i couldn't handle it. the only thing saving me this day is the fact that it's my brother's birthday. i am forcing myself to find the silver lining. he doesn't deserve my tears on the day celebrating his birth.

all that said, i think it's not just bush's fault. it's a combination of the previous three or four administrations fault (clinton included).

BluJewel said...

jojo - You're right. The #s are too high and that's not including those injured for life.

JC - I'm sorry to hear about your losses and I pray that one day and in time, the pain will lessen

Hawa & Rayne - Reliving the mental images and know how close in proximity we reside to NYC does make it all seem so surreal. And yes, it's the after effects that are forever etched in our minds.

Nikki- Happy Birthday to your brother, mine is in two days. I dont think I want to watch the moments again. My memory serves me well. On this day as it makes two occasions, celebrating your brother's life is a fitting tribute for both situations.

Nique said...

First of all let me say that i am very appreciative of you coming by my page and leaving comments. As for this post, yeah i know what today is, and i have been caught up in my own stuff today, but i thank you for bringing me back home. Although you almost made me cry when you put me in the perspective regarding the light of all this, i much rather it be you today than anyone else. Thank you.

Susan Abraham said...

And the world at large, Blu!
I lived in Melbourne at the time. Later, Australia would suffer too through the hands of cruel suicide bombers in Bali. I think that happened on an October month.