21 September 2006

Thoughtful Thursday p.2

A couple weeks ago, I posted (Thoughtful Thursday-Stop Whining and Live) about being thankful for our lives and the people in it. I also challenged that we keep a journal for a week and everyday write down at least 5 things that we were thankful for, things that were positive, or that made a difference in our day. The challenge was set up to show us that not everything in our lives is as bad as we think and there is plenty to be thankful for. I realized more than ever that there were so many things and people that I was thankful for and the simple things that I’ve always enjoyed meant that much more to me.

Today I have a few things I’d like to openly share…

First and foremost to the Creator in whom I have implicit faith and know the He’ll make a way for me even in spite of myself and my misgivings.

My ride or die friends and family that mean the world to me and aren’t afraid to put me in check, show me love, and be there for me.

You, the readers of this blog who continue to read, inspire, and encourage me to pursue my dream to become published.

The beautiful life that God gave me the day he made me a parent. She is the best gift I’ve ever received and looking into her eyes teaches me everyday how to appreciate and value life.

Though life hasn’t always been kind, I’ve managed to overcome so many things and can still smile, be positive, and know that my blessings are because I walked when I could have stumbled and refused to quit.

For those of you who took that challenge, can you either email what you’d like to share to me at blujewel@comcast.net or post some of them in your comments.


JoJo D. said...

Hey BluJ! I was just catching up with your posts. I love your last few postings; especially the one "describing" people. I definitely see myself in one of those fantasies! I'm trying to change... LOL.

Do you want us to post our five-day journal online, or should we just keep it to ourselves? I have many things I am grateful for this week...

I'll be back later to check up on ya.

blaqrayne said...

I'm still doing it. I'll share it with you.

Susan Abraham said...


I think spontaneously

My inifinite love for Christ that keeps me so often calm and tranquil. I like the soft slow wisdom that comes with sometimes just having that longing in wanting to sink deeper into Christ - that's an abstract, surreal feeling that follows me about but it has helped me think about situations and plan carefully how to react to something or see another point of view. And so much more. It's like a planet of nice things that come from a very simple, inate love for Christ.

My friends. In real life and on the internet, some whom I daresay will someday become friends in day to day living. I am thankful for being loved in the way that I myslf choose to love wholeheartedly.

The special men I loved or were attracted to, from before & who have all miraculously stayed friends even from schooldays. Who still care to write up to the present moment and ask how I am, have I got that book published yet etc...I realise it's not always possible to have friends from once difficult relationships...so I consider that a precious gift.

The arts and the beautiful sensory pleasures that encapsulate them that gives me so much pleasure: books, paintings, plays, a good film, cuisine, favourite music...all sorts. Not a day goes by when I don't indulge in at least 2 of these pleasures or more.

My future dreams. I am extremely thankful for my aspirations, my heart's desires and the ability to journey on my destiny with ease at this moment and the excitement of what it continues to hold for me.

(Thank you, Blu. You made me search myself. Also I love your beautiful pictures.)

The Mistress said...

You know, I'm just thankful for having options. I really don't "have to endure" anything I don't want to and that is a great feeling. Does that make any sense?

I'm also thankful for being "the crusader" at work who speaks up for every unethical, nonsensical thing that management puts us through. I've pulled a lot of strings for people just by being vocal. I'm thankful I have the courage (and balls) to do that and I'm gonna continue to "fight the power". My coworkers really respect me for it.

I like these posts...they really make me think! :-)


Being thankful is a must, besides if you're not, God will just come and take away all you currently possess or make it where you can't receive any new blessings...

Brotha Buck said...

I'm just thankful that I've been able to do so much with so little. I don't have a fancy degree, like those I work around, but I have attained much.

Copasetic Soul said...

the Creator is so so so good!

being a parent is a wonderful thing and having a very supportive family and friends is a true blessing.