19 September 2006

Delusions of Grandeur

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Every so often, I come across someone who swears the world revolves around them, that they do no wrong, and that their way is the only way. While I’m sure in their world that’s probably the case, but in the real world, such delusions of grandeur can be construed as misguided arrogance, conceit, and an unhealthy lack of humility. If this person were under 25, I might accept their logic as a simple case of immaturity, but if said person is over 30, educated, seasoned, and has been exposed to the real world, I’m left wondering in which parallel universe do they reside? Let’s be for real here, it’s simply not about you and you’re really not as important as you think you are.

Fantasy #1: The need to defer back to their youth or how hard they are when they want to exert their credibility.

Reality: If you have to constantly bring this up, then you actually haven’t matured enough. You also have NOT manned/womaned up at all. In fact, you’re SoS (stuck on stupid).

Fantasy #2: Everything is about them.

Reality: Huh? What? Are you serious? Give me a fucking break. It's this simple…YOU ARE NOT ALL THAT! If you have to constantly praise yourself, then it’s not really praise is it? Self-praise shows a depravity in your psyche and your constant need to do this in order to appear larger than life is pathetic and redundant.

Fantasy #3: Marginalizing others or believing their own hype.

Reality: Self-explanatory; though I will say that those who conform to this state of being are typically alone and rather lonely in their existence. In addition, the company they keep tends to be of a lesser caliber characteristically than the individual. This is done in order to out shine their company and again present themselves to be "better".

Fantasy #4: Everyone needs someone like them in their life.

Reality: Yes, to some degree we all do need someone to who is of that caliber so we can see what is not necessary bullshit to put up with. So, thanks for being so fucking ignorant, arrogant, and self-serving.

Fantasy #5: The need to control and belabor a point.

Reality: Uhm, do you really think that others have that much time and energy to argue with you? Nah, doubt it! In fact, I’d rather go toe-to-toe with the Energizer Bunny cause I can at least take the damned battery out to stop it. With someone so delusional, they never tire of themselves and can only be stopped if insulted (providing they pay attention enough to know they were); if you concede to their incessant yapping because while you probably know you’re right, it’s easier that way; and/or if you can't do anything to shut them the fuck up.
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This is merely a small sampling of what I, and maybe some of you encounter in your life. I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s for the greater good to avoid and/or limit contact with said individuals as much as possible since homicide is still illegal (dammit) in all 50 states.


ncnaynay said...

You summed up the nuts in a nutshell.

ncnaynay said...

I meant to mention "False Humiliation." The person who is always putting themselves down so they can hear you say, "Nuh-unh, girl..you know you are so smart, so blah, blah, blah." I've started saying, "Yeah, you need to work on that." I don't have the time nor the energy to build up someone else's self-esteem. If you think you're that bad, jump off a cliff.

JC said...

Preach girl! And I'll give you an Amen too. Damn, I'm surprised it took you so long to talk about this one. You should give seminars on this subject cause there's mad folk who need to be told about themselves. But in light of what you said, they'd probably never listen anyway. Too busy running their mouths about themselves.

I agree with the other comment too about people putting themselves down to get brought up. Instead of jumping off the cliff, I want the pleasure of pushing them. (I know that's evil, but damn!)

dcsavvy said...

wow - this article reminds me of my everyday environment, only in a well organized way!

Seabrook Slimm said...

As ridicule is the burden of genius, arrogance is the condition of low esteem.

BluJewel said...

@ncnaynay - glad you hear from you. A very good comment and you're so right. Hate dem folk!

@JC - LOL, you always say funny shit. I say, if you can get away with it & be guilt free; go for it.

@dcsavvy - So, I've organized the madness for you huh? Glad to help.

@slimm - Shh! Don't let THEM hear that. To them, arrogance is brough forth from their genius.

Anonymous said...

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Susan Abraham said...

It was interesting to read Blu when you said that you would give someone a break under 25, but not 30 or over. That they should know better.
You're certainly right there.
Yet an ironical reflection would be that perhaps the best time to iron out insecurities and weaknesses and to mend ways with the help of a little hindsight is when you're still in your youth...because over 30, it's pretty hard to change. A person becomes very quickly set in his/her ways.

Anonymous said...

You should write a book!

I love the way you express your thoughts. Seems like I'm reading a thesis or something!

Copasetic Soul said...

preach on preacha!

Mominator said...

That was hilarious! I know quite a few people like this. I finally just stop talking cause I can't stand to listen to them anymore!

"Stuck on Stupid" is the name given to my grandson's dad. He really is stuck on stupid. I have a very strong dislike for this man. I hope I never have to deal with him again. He avoids me at all cost since I told him to 'shut the fuck up'. LOL!

Glad you came by! I haven't been online much since 9/11.

Have a great day!


jus.b.fli said...

I was in the middle of replying to this yesterday when my internet connection decided to die! uuuggghhh!! (LOL) Let me try to remember at least half of what I said... ummm...

Oh yeah! I said...

Admittedly, I am both a brat AND over 30; however, I know when and where to draw the line. Besides, my friends and family would never have a problem telling me to shut the hell up and get over myself!! (LOL)

Seriously... Great Post, Blue! I'm feelin' it and passing it on...

Peace sweetie! Today, Be... cool.

Hawa Bond said...

I stopped getting frustrated with people who love themselves when I discovered what great entertainment they provide. Really. Your whole body starts smiling at their self-centered-ness as it gets wrapped in their selfishness and then topped with a bow sprinkled in narcissism.

As they gloat over their ramblings and feel smug, you laugh even harder since all you really see is a walking comedy. Try it. LOL

BluJewel said...

@ SU - You sound like you should be my mum (smile)

@UB - WOW! That's a hella compliment coming from she who writes banging poems.

@Copa - Amen!

@Mom - LMAO! I don't know why, but I love hearing those words "shut the fcuk up". It sounds so final as in what else could they possibly say in rebuttal.

@Jus B - At least you know what you are and what the limits are. It's the others that piss me off.

@Hawa - There is some truth in them being entertaining, but frankly I don't have that much patience and the image of me gouging their eyes out with a butter knife entertans me more. (ouch!)

blaqrayne said...

You get dap from me on this. I know quite a few people like this and it's old. I mean, it's too the point where I don't want them around. I don't like to wish bad on others, but one can't help but hope for a humbling experience to come their way.