04 December 2006

A Winter Meme - Five Things I Love & Hate About Winter, Winter Holidays

This one is a variation of the one currently being published on Blogger. I don't typically do meme's but because the person who tagged me Su Abraham is so damned nice, I decided I would. Here goes...

5 Things I like...

  1. Taking some time out to give back to others. Isn't that a part of what Christmas is about anyway? The gifts are great, but the gift of giving is greater. For anyone who wanted to buy me a gift, please do something good for someone in need in my honor.
  2. The way my church is internally decorated. It's a large church with a balcony and I'm always amazed at how they get the garlands up so high and they're always straight. The poinsettias at the alter always look beautiful too. I'll try to get some pix to share.
  3. Spending time with friends/family. I feel l ike a gyspy at Christmas for all the homes I visit, but it's always a great time.
  4. Wearing a scarf that a dear friend knitted for me. It's a pretty light blue scarf made of a really soft yarn and even though it doesn't go with everything, I try to wear it with everything anyway. I'd really love a bobble hat to go with it. Maybe I can sweet talk her into knitting me one.
  5. Using the cold weather as an excuse not to go out or do anything. Ordinarily, I'm not a lazy person, but there's nothing nicer than sitting around wrapped in a warm blankie, sipping a nice hot drink, and reading or otherwise doing noting.
  6. BONUS (thank you jenellybean for pointing out my previous error)
    The after Christmas sales. Its' one of the few times I actually enjoy going to the mall. When else can I get a $100 cashmere sweater for $25? Or $150 boots for less than $50 and they'll still be in style.

5 This I dislike...

  1. Watching the pretty snow turn to crap as the cleaning crews come through to clear the streets.
  2. Wanting to go skiing and not going cause my friends don't like it. Yes, I know I can go alone, but my fear is that if something happens to me, how will they know?
  3. Worrying if I'll gain weight for having succomb to eating the sweets I tried not to indulge in
  4. Having to run out in the cold to warm the car, to go back in the house, and then go back out hoping the car is warm enough. That's such a pain in the ass, but it has to be done. I drive a manual transmission vehicle so remote start is not an option for me.
  5. Egg Nog only being available for a limited time. I'm sure I'm not the only person who wouldn't mind it during the year. Ever had Egg Nog cake or Egg Nog frosting? Try mine and you'll want it more than in the winter. *wink*

My list isn't as detailed as Su's but, hey at least I did it.

What's your top 5's?


Anonymous said...

Nice list. I think I'll do one of these. :-)

Anonymous said...

#5 on the likes - I'm soooo with you. Thankfully, in New England, that happens a few times a year for me. :-) We had crappy snow today - like the dusting that just turns to water (and then ice at night).

Anonymous said...

Cute list.

The 5th thing under your dislikes list looks out of place. Are you saying you dislike the sales, because you find things soo cheap?

If so, gurrl something is wrong with you!! Thats the best time to shop.

That's why I don't think you meant to say you "dislike" that.

BluJewel said...

X - how funny will yours be considering you live in the Sunshine State. LMAO!

bz - i know you can appreciate the winter's ups and down. It's been a while since i've been in your neck of the woods. will have to change that one of these days. Will you be my tour guide?

jenelly bean - correction made. thanks for noticing that. i told you i'm not good with meme's

Anonymous said...

I like the after Christmas sales too. =)

Anonymous said...

Good stuff. I might just have to do this one day soon.

Susan Abraham said...

Dearest Blu,
didn't want to push it.
know the feeling of being given a meme to do.
it really has to tie in with the mood hasn't it.
but I thank you that you made this effort for me anyway and so appreciate it so much.
(I'm not nice at all, by the way)
with love

BluJewel said...

Urban - I can come to DC and then you can come to NJ so we can after Christmas shop together...lol!

Org - You had a long as meme on your page. Did you notice you're now on the blog roll?

Su - you know doing a meme that you tagged me for wasn't that hard. It goes to show how much i like you. and contrary to what you say, you are nice

Anonymous said...

My five faves are:
1. Finally being able to wear a sweater or wrap.
2. Finding new Christmas music.
3. Hearing from long-lost friends
4. All the yards decorated w/pretty lights.
5. Knowing that even after I protest about receiving gifts, I know I'm gonna get some awesome stuff. Yeah, I'm greedy!

blaqrayne said...

I HATE SNOW AND ICE! I dislike being cold, but other than that I can deal with winter. I like:

1) Cuddling & drinking hot chocolate
2) Looking at Christmas Lights
3) Helping less fortunate children at
4) Deep Fried Turkey
5) Wearing tall boots

Anonymous said...

:) Oh no...you've gone PC on us! "Winter Holidays"?!? :D

jc said...

love watching son play in snow
love extra reason for snuggling
being creative with hot chocolate (add ins - keep it clean)
love seeing friends/fam
hearing Aunt B sing carols

dislike snow
dislike overcrowded mall/stores
dislike Uncle K's egg nog
dislike Big Mama not being with us this year