31 October 2006

Temptation Tuesday

A list of things/thoughts we’ve all had at one point. The confidentiality clause is in effect.

…exact some form of revenge on an ex for no other reason cause you want to

…give in to that booty call

…make a booty call

…do something that is completely opposite to how people see you

…do something wild/crazy out of town because you’re out of town and no one will know

…give in the your biggest temptation

…cheat because you know you can get away with it

…call in sick knowing you just want the day off

…push up on someone just to see if you’ve still got “it”

…steal something

…change the price on something in the store

What’s your temptation today?


Terry said...

This is easy.

I'm off to Paramount Studios today to "pitch" another script. When the Development Executive tries to give me his/her "take" on it, I'm temptedted to say "You're a fucking idiot, did you know that? Who'd you blow to get this job?"

But I won't say that. I'll say something along the lines of, "Wow, I never thought of that."

BluJewel said...

you're a riot. you and i would get along well. just once it would be nice to say what you're REALLY thinking though wouldn't?


My temptation is to get one day to live by my night name, Dirk Niggler -- now this would be sweeet.

"…push up on someone just to see if you’ve still got “it”"

This is my favorite, I'd probably say,"Excuse me, would you mind allowing my spoon entrance in your cereal bowl?" After she laughed I'm sure I'd get the ###.###.####!!!

jus.b.fli said...

hahaha... this is TOO fuckin' cute!!

My "temptation" for today would be sumthin' like calling up my muse on his plantation while i'm on mine, jus to see if i could get him to have phone sex with me.

oh wait! did i say that? i think it was Edie. sometimes she takes over!! (LOL)


ummm, yeah. i loved this post.


BluJewel said...

Slump - Dirk Niggler huh? Now that's cute. Your push up line is hilarious.

Jus or should I say Edie? - That's the hot shit right there/ That's something I could definitely be down to do.

G. Mo said...

Well, it's a lil' late now cuz I gave in to my temptation. I had a donut for breakfast and a slice of yellow cake w/chocolate icing after lunch. Ya know what? I'm not going to the gym either. I'm takin' my Black azz home, gettin' straight in the bed and watching NBA basketball.

Nancy said...

Hi and thanks for the words of encouragement. "ESTRANGED" is the best thing for me. I have to think of my sister as Toxic and she was making me sick. Its a hard to turn my back on a loved one, but, when they suck all of the emotional strenght out of you, it leaves me no choice.
I am sorry you are living the same story or nighmare, I appreciate your supportive words and prayers.
I just love Urban Butterfly's blog, her words make me happy.
thanks again and I also enjoy you blog, you say it like it is...

Susan Abraham said...

The temptation right now and often, tell those,
I don't care for what I really think of them possibly on the internet or in real life. (like revenge, you know.)

Love as always

jc said...

couldn't post yesterday, but the tempation I would give in to is getting revenge on an ex just cause I can. Current temptation, go to Hedonism without my girl just to see if I could handle it.

blaqrayne said...

I couldn't post yesterday, but I had a few temptations...

Just roll up and kiss a certain prospect - Didn't happen

Hookie work to ride my motorcycle - Mission accomplished

Hit speeds over 120mph on my motorcycle - Mission accomplished

Slap a co-worker - Didn't happen

Anonymous said...

Easy. I used to have a pricing gun and that's all I did was change prices on items in stores.

My temptation is to send an anonymous email to a coworker and tell her that she walks funny,with her arms down to her side, like a monkey.And it'd be true; she actually walks like that; she don't swing her arms from side to side or nothing. Just straight walking... pitiful.