13 December 2006

Errant thoughts

just stuff....

if a girl is sucking a guys dick and his balls keep hitting her chin... does that mean SHE BALLIN? (saw this on another blog)

why do people hover over food and eat while others are trying to fix their plates? (on the convergence of people during our group in-house lunch today)

why don't people divulge the ingredients of their food? Don't they know people have food allergies?

i didn't eat that much, but feel like i inhaled an elephant...where's my green tea? Need an energy boost!

Christmas is only 12 days away and i haven't bought a gift yet. correction, i bought something for my aunt in London so i could get it in the mail today

i have a limited idea of gifts that i want, but i truly want the gift of time shared with friends/family that can be turned into memories later. they far outweigh gifts in my book

my hair/face look cute today...talk about a random thought!!!!

i inspired someone and didn't know it until i received an email from her...how cool is that?!

i've come across some really crappy blogs and some really distasteful ones too

the "itis" has set in and i'm fading fast...

the CD Terry hooked me up with is still on repeat in my iTunes. i'm telling y'all, hit him up for your own copy cause i ain't burning mine for ya

have you noticed that people go trolling for food in other parts of the building as if they weren't full from their own groups party?

laying low in the cut is a great place to be unless people keep asking you "what's wrong" and there's nothing wrong until they keep asking you "what's wrong?"

ever notice that when someone says they might be or are interested in someone of the same sex, the listening party IMMEDIATELY thinks that they could be the object of that persons attraction...GET OVER YOURSELF! refer back to previous post where are stated, "being cute doesn't make you fuckable!!! Nuff said, party dun!


Terry said...

"...being cute doesn't make you fuckable!!!"

The more I see it the more pricelss that line becomes. Folks really need to get in touch with the concept on all kinda levels.

Hawa said...

I have two things to say:

First, keep the inspiration coming *wink*.

Second, yes, your hair and face were slammin today. I noticed that while I was dumping the secrets of my conflicted heart today. hehe

Terry said...

my hair/face look cute today...

I missed that one the first time through, although it would be hard for me to believe otherwise.

Of course I suppose your hair could look a bit miffed after sex...or...like...if you sleep for like, 10 hours...or like if you went out in a gale force wind or somin’ like that...you know....

BluJewel said...

Terry - i seem to be saying some good stuff lately and like your other comment, like thanks...blush!

Hawa - will and thanks...another blush!

blaqrayne said...

Good post - I feel you on most of these points. You go gurl with your hair and face!!! It's refreshing to hear people say nice things about themselves instead "I look fat" or "My hair is a mess".

Anonymous said...

Balling was funny (still on that one).LOL

Don't you just love those days when you're feeling like a ten...

The Mistress said...

Um did you say "if a girl is sucking a guys dick and his balls keep hitting her chin... does that mean SHE BALLIN?"


That is a riot.

MagicalSis said...

I know this is a rhetorical post~ but I just had to put my two cents worth in.

Ya just gotta grab those balls and put 'em where they aren't in the way.

Self-centered and gluttonous.

Lazy and dumb.

You didn't eat breakfast.

You are avoiding the crowds like any sane person.

Agree 100%... down with commercialism

Good self-image...You are cute aren't ya? Show us a pic.

You ARE inspiration, Madam.

I hope mine isn't included in that statement.

What is "itis"? Like bronchitis? tonsilitis?
(Tell it to leave your body NOW...that it is not allowed in to make you sick)


Greed...trying to get outta work...lol

No habla Ingles.

Yes..ya gotta be able to spell and put a few words together...then, it's on.

BluJewel said...

RAYNE - thanks for the comps and comfirming it isn't just me on some of my thoughts

WOMAN - That ballin on had me rollin and everytime i hear that song now, i'm gonna have a different perspective on it

MISTRESS - you know i thought about YOU when i posted the BALLIN thought...lol!

MAGICAL - the "itis" is a coloquial expression used when you've eaten and then suddenly gotten sleepy afterward


If the balls are hitting you in the chin your oral sex game is in desperate need instruction...

Give me a call, I'm starting a class;?

chele said...

Potlucks. Bad!
Being in the face with balls. Bad!

Inspiration is a funny thing. We never know where it's going to come from. Which is why we're surprised when it comes from us!

jc said...

okay, let's see if I can get past the first one. I have this crazy image in my head (x-rated) right now.

Blu you are more of an inspiration than you know.

I thought about the episode of the Boondocks with Riley falling out when you said the "itis" was kicking in...lmao!

my thought...why is my coworker pissed that the copier isn't working and what's she's copying isn't even work related?