15 December 2006

!!!Fantasy Fuckables!!!

”It's the holiday season, so spend some time with a family member (or friends), reminisce on old times or create special moments. If you can't be with your loved one(s) for whatever reason, at least call and let them know how much you love and care about them. So many days are spent shopping for gifts and what not and we really miss the true meaning of Christmas.”

I clipped that from G-Mo. I bolded the part that really moved me because it was a great to hear another person sharing this mindset. I also added the part in parens. Gifts are great, but nothing can be better than building memories.

Okay, now that my PSA is done, I can move on to more amusing matters.

I’m at the Plantation today, which is out of the oridinary as I typyically don’t work on Fridays. However, since I’m here, I figured I’d have some fun. It is Friday afterall right? Right!!

So, a week or so ago, during my weekly Chat N Chew, my buddy, lemme correct that as “buddy” has other meanings and he and I don’t have that kind of relationship. We’ll call him Kap. Kap and I were discussing football and how I don’t like it blah, blah, blah. Then Fantasy Football was discussed and again, I expressed my disinterest, but then this crazy thought came to mind. “Fantasy Fuckables!” Kap looked me at like, “WTF?” I laughed.

What is “Fantasy Fuckables” you might ask? Well, dear ones, it’s simiar to Fantasy Football, except your players are people (actors/singers, the UPS man/woman, whomever) that you’d like to fuck. The premise of this game is to gather the collection of players and pitch them against other people’s list to see who has the most popular players.

I’ve discussed this idea with Kap (male perspective) and a female friend and both think it’s a cool idea. In order to play, you must submit your list via email (BluJewel@comast.net) with the subject FF or I'll delete it thinking it's SPAM. I’ll then compile the list of players. Please limit your list to ten players. This game is open to both men and women and you can include all of one sex or a combination of both. No, your sexuality is not in question here. Then I’ll figure out a way to post the list in a word file (suggestions please for how all can see it). Or I’ll post it in list form and votes can be made accordingly. The process of elimination will be used to achieve the winner/MFP (Most Fuckable Player).

I know this is way out of left field, but haven’t all my posts been this week; so why should this one be any different.

The Jewel is shining bright!!!


T.C. said...

I love it...I swear...i have been in like the BEST moods since yesterday...I love my buddy bloggers...you guys are OFF the HOOK and I LOVE IT!

Terry said...

Humm...this could get down right incriminating. I mean celebrities are one thing but you opened it to all kinda peoples. I could get in a lot of trouble here.

I mean damn, some of you women may actually know who you are. Even if I do change the names to protect, well... my guilty ass.

Love the concept however. Fuck G.E., I'm changing Blu's new slogan to "I bring good things to life."

jc said...

BLU??????????? yeah, this is not what I was expecting to read this afternoon. WOW! I'm gonna have to think on this one.

Anonymous said...

I am going to have to think aboutmy dream team, LOL.

WOW, how fun..good post!

Brotha Buck said...

The mere thought about my fantacy fuckable, has my blood boiling.

Anonymous said...

I guess each of us claims our own perception of Christmas these days, Blu. Not all of us believe in the same things anymore but since Christmas is there to be lived, we each of us make of it what we will.
(a big sigh here!)
if only we could be good to each other all year through and not just for a holiday season. That conscience or awareness that seems to hit everyone around now...you know what I mean?
love as always

BluJewel said...

T.C - i'm so happy my posts have made you happy...be well sis. btw, how the )*%#)*%)#*%)#% can you put Morris Chestnut on an Honorable Mention list????

TERRY - Blu makes good things come to life huh? what a compliment. you know you got me mad curious about your list.

JC - dont wuss up on me playa, hit me me with your list too bruh

WOMAN - after you think about it, hit me up

BROTHA - once your cup runneth, holla atcha girl with your list

SU - agreed Christmas has for the most part lost its meaning, but fr those of us who still recognize it, we need to celebrate it for its true meaning.

blaqrayne said...

I like this....you'll be hearing from me soon!

Anonymous said...

You know I'm in on this one...look for the email.LOL

The Mistress said...

Girl, my fantasy fuckables list was the pinnacle...I can't wait to see what people send you!

Anonymous said...

your email isn't working for me..

BluJewel said...

RAYNE - hurry with that list; you know i'm curious...lol

WENDY - I'll be on the lookout

MISTRESS - i saw your list and it was quite intersting even though there was one brutha that could get it from what you posted

WOMAN - BluJewel@comcast.net