12 December 2006

Well, I never...

I "stole" this idea from someone jus.b.fli who "stole" it from someone Xae who "stole" it from who T Cas, who either created it himself of likewise "stole" it from who knows where.

The following are some things I've never done...

I've never misrepresented myself online; as in said, I was one thing, but turned out to be something/one else

I've never sat on the Santa's or Easter Bunny's lap; I think it's a little creepy

I've never watched Miracle on 34th Street in its entirety; no reason, just haven't

I've never believed in Santa; no one could convincingly sell me on that ideal

I've never understood getting peed or shit on during sex; nuff said

I never wanted to be a virgin when I got married; wanted to know what the hell I'd be in for

I never thought I was a good writer; until I did an open mic

I've never smoked cigarettes/weed, tried coke, or any other illicit drug; never saw any good in it

I've never known my maternal grandfather or paternal grandparents; each died before I ever met them

**Honorable mention (not quite a never; more like a haven't) to Terry cause I haven't heard such a good collection of music so well put together in a long time. Folks, holla at Terry for your very own copy of his Mellow CD, I've had it on repeat all day cause it's da mutha effin troof!

What haven't you done?



I never took a girl's # knowing I had no intentions of calling her sometime in the near future...

T.C. said...

I've never misrepresented myself online

I've never watched Miracle on 34th Street OR Jungle Fever (I can't get past the scene where her brothers and father put her out) in its entirety

I've never understood (and NEVER will) getting peed or shit on during sex

I've never had (nor will) had a threesome

I've never cheated

I've never had any parties or company while my parents where away on vacation

I never snuck out of my house as a teenager

Anonymous said...

A few of your nevers are my nevers too.

I never lied to my husband

I never got the chance to say goodbye to the love of my life.

I never snuck into a movie.

I will never understand why women hate on other women.

Anonymous said...

A few of your nevers are my nevers too.

I never lied to my husband

I never got the chance to say goodbye to the love of my life.

I never snuck into a movie.

I will never understand why women hate on other women.

Anonymous said...

I've never given TOO much away about myself.

I've never...


Anonymous said...

And, I should add...judging by some of the "nevers" on display...some people ain't never lived either! ;)

Terry said...

I've never lied about lying. I've told some real whoppers in my day. (Never on the ole Blog though. Some things are sacred.)

I've never claimed to be something I'm not. (I'm old. fat, crass, shiftless, and mean.)

I've never taken candy from a baby. (In fact, I give it to them. Even when their Momma's tell me not too.)

I've never cheated in a relationship with any woman. (Just can't do it.)

I've never failed to "follow orders".

I've never called a woman a bitch.

I've never eaten with chopsticks. (However I have eaten with "a" stick.)

I've never told a child that he/she couldn't do something. (Unless it was bad for him/her.)

I've never liked the Island of Diego Garcia.

I've never had a threesome either. (Not necessary. One good woman is all that is needed to hold my attention.)

I've never gotten motion sickness of any kind. However I absolutely HATE rollercoasters.

I've never turned down a rollercoaster ride with a pretty girl.

I've never said "I'm sorry" to some people I should have.

I've never been a Saint.

blaqrayne said...

I'll leave it at three. Never tried drugs; Never had sex with a stranger; and most importantly...Never missed one of your blogs!

BluJewel said...

SLUMP - very admirable

T.C - You a very good girl (smile)

WENDY - I've never understood why women hate on women either.

LEHANE - I had an inkling that you'd have a rather brash reply...wanker...lol!!

TERRY - you my friend are one stand up guy. The nevers you mentioned are noble and funny.

RAYNE - aren't you just the sweetest! *hugs*

A few more from me...
i've never left a comment i didn't mean on a blog. i'd rather not comment than lie.

i've never coveted someone else's man

i've never liked grits til i made them and i'm the ONLY one i'll eat them from too...lol!

Anonymous said...

Wanker, eh?! :O That could be one of my "nevers" though! :D

And, hmmm, you'd rather not comment than lie on a blog...judging by your lack of comments recently...should I be worried?

Anonymous said...

I've never...naw, this is too good not to steal. Ck out mine to see my nevers. I'll stop at 199:-)

Anonymous said...

I've never understood why Black men marry White women.

I've never stolen anything from my family.

I've never gone bungy jumping or sky diving--and NEVER will.

I've never broken a bone and have the greatest fear of doing so.

Anonymous said...

I never completely let go...

princessdominique said...

I never had an imaginary friend or misrepresented myself online either.

jc said...

I've never stolen from a family/friends

I've never done nor do I want to have sex with multiple partners

I've never lied to my Big Mama. I wouldn't have gotten away with it anyway.

I've hit a women, called her a bitch, or told her she was pretty if she wasn't.