22 January 2008

The birth of freedom

In going through our many changes and growth processes, we look back on things that helped us get where we are. Last night during my bout of insomnia, I reflected on mine and thought I'd share them with you.
  • Checking emotional baggage at the door
  • Being released from emotional bondage
  • Opening myself to the known and unknown
  • Taking that reluctant and trepidatious first step
  • Tripping and staggering and knowing that even if I do fall, I can/will get back up
  • Facing my fears
  • Going against the grain
  • Being confident in my conviction
  • Being ready, willing, and able to embrace the things I want the most
  • Being willing to change
  • Accepting my flaws
  • Being able to forgive and learning to forget
  • Closing doors before opening others
  • Knowing myself and liking who I am
  • Conquering joys and not yielding to hurt and pain
  • Living and loving in spite of
  • Admittance instead of denial


Anonymous said...

Love this post girl! I have insomnia too. I take it as a opportunity to listen to God. It only sucks when God and I aren't feeling each other and then I am up for days. Imma learn one day.

If you love the wire you need to check out Nikki over @ Infinite Ink. She has excellent forums and The wire is one of them. You'll love it.

Eb the Celeb said...

Good stuff... I think all these things apply to everyone

Anonymous said...

Excellent list Sis. Each one deserves to be carefully considered before moving on to the next. I've got to put myself through this process.

T.C. said...

beautiful! i guess that's why our gracious LORd gives us so many years on earth, because we are always growing and learning, if nothing else who WE truly are!

Rosemarie said...

I've been actively pushing for my personal freedom for years, and with each process, I'm finding that I love it more than before.

Mizrepresent said...

I love the list and couldn't agree more with all of it. I too am evolving, releasing and claiming...it is not an easy task but one that i've trained for. Go get'em Jewel! You deserve the best!

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

sounds like u being yourself to me nd thats a god, no great thing....wish more folks were as humble

Blu Jewel said...

Ingrid - as you can see i put my insomnia to good use. i did a lot of purifying writing last night.

eb - i love when you stop by, but i feel bad because i'm not a sports enthusiast and rarely comment on your spot.

sojo - i'm honored that my list will inspire you to make your own changes

t.c - you know I never thought about it quite like that, but i see the wisdom in your words.

rosemarie - keep on pushing lady and you will be so fulfilled

miz - you're so right in saying it's not an easy raod, but one you've trained for. it's amazing how much clarity you get once you release and move on.

torrance - i have no reason for arrogance. with humility there's less a distance for those occasions where i might fall.

Tony Stringfield said...

That's using the empowerment zone sista. Placing all bets on Blue Jewel to win. Any Takers?

Don said...

Blu, I see a few that I could stand to improve upon. Maybe I will, maybe I won't. The wisdom you inhibit is priceless.

Willing to change, Closing doors before opening others, emotional bondage, accepting flaws. I feel you.

I copied & pasted this to my blog documents. A folder that I like to refer back when in need. Thanks.

Blu Jewel said...

tony - hi there and thank you for your visit. I like the sound of the "empowerment zone". It's a great place to dwell.

don - i'm flattered that you're going to maintain this as a separate referene file. we all grow and change in our own ways, so whatever you take from this (a little or a lot) is what will work for you.

Mr.Slish said...

"Conquering joys and not yielding to hurt and pain" Thats sounds KINKY!!! ..lol

Blu Jewel said...

slish - you are retartded. i'm familiar with Lodi...we're gonna meet up soon.