07 January 2008

Take charge!

"Always bear in mind that your own resolution to success is more important that any other one thing". - Abraham Lincoln

I can't speak for all of you, but I can say that I'm claiming 2008 to be MY year. I've got dreams, goals, plans, etc and I want to see them come to fruition. I know it's said, that if you want to make God laugh; make plans, but His a part of all my plans, so I'm good.

Although I quit my then decade + relationship with Essence Magazine because I no longer found that it contained the resources and information that was conducive to how I life and the woman I am; I still check it out from time to time. I came across the following (and retyped it) in the January 2008 issue and wanted to share it with you all. It's obviously geared toward women seeing as Essence is a women for/about black women, but I tweaked the woman reference to include me as I feel this is something each gender can use.

This is my year to be the wo/man I’ve always wanted to be. This year I will put ____________(your name) first. Staring with ___________(date), I will focus on taking the steps to achieve my goals. Ever since____________ I’ve know that I want to_____________. Today I will create a plan to realize my dreams.

This is my year to achieve four goals:





Negative factors, real and imagined, will no longer be obstacles to my success. To get over____________________, I will stop_______________________. To get over____________________, I will pray that___________________. To get over____________________, I will plan to_____________________. I know that I Will be successful because it is my dream to_______________________.

To stay on track, I will have my friend___________________________ check on my progress every week/month/quarter (choose one) and hold me accountable. This is my personal 2008 pledge to myself so that I can realize my dreams and live the wonderful life I fully deserve.

________________________(your signature)

We can't claim that which we are not committed to receiving, so I implore you all to copy/print this pledge and use it in your lives. Having something in writing makes it more real and certainly more effective. Find that friend who'll always give it to you straight no chaser and let them be your mentor for this exercise. I'm going to share this with a person of each gender as I feel the male/female perspective will provide great insight and achievement toward my success. Whomever you decide is your choice. Wishing you all well and feel free to email me interim reports if you feel so inclined.



Rosemarie said...

The world had better watch out! Ms. Blu isn’t playing!

Accountability is all right, and biblical.

Wishing you life's best in every area. Blessings from heaven in every endeavor.

Ali's Zay said...


Suzan Abrams said...

What a glorious & inspiring post, Blu. Honestly, it's lovely to be able to touch base with you again. And here's wishing you a successful 2008 indeed.
Big hug.

Don said...

Yes, Blu. Lay it down, lay it down. lol.

I came up with something similar after readign something on Rich House blog. I often go back and re-read them and realize how my goals in 'o8 will be attained, as long as I stay positive, and believe in myself.

I wish you well in your 'o8endeavors. They say it all starts with the plan and not necessarily a dream.

Let's get it.

Blu Jewel said...

Rosemarie - no, I'm not playing. I'm taking charge and being proactive in my life.

Zay - I'm glad and I know you know what to do with it.

Su - Thank you so much for stopping by and the well wishes.

Don - Yes, I recall seeing what you're taling about over at the Rich House. We MUST take control, take charge, and be positive. I'm sure you'll achieve all that you have in your heart to do.

Mizrepresent said...

It seems we are on the same wavelength and that's a good thing...a powerful, positive wave of like-minded spirits can't be anything but good! That's why i come here, go there to get my daily reapings and reminders that i have a race to win in 08...no i'm not running for president, but i will be in charge of my life! Thanks again Blu for another uplifting post.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

good for u hon, and all u perambulate will be yours

Honey-Libra said...

Hey BLU!!!!

Ok that is all :)

Blu Jewel said...

miz - sounds like you're on the right track for 2008 and I'm humbled by your comment.

torrance - thank you and i love your use of vocab

honey - hey lady!

Eb the Celeb said...

This is good stuff!!!