28 January 2008

damn! I wish I'd written this...

I'm always reading and trying to expand my knowledge. While doing that, I'm always seeking ways to stay in tuned with who I really am and what my purpose is in this life. I got this is my email today and was like, "whoa! Now that's some good ish right there!" Naturally, I had to share it with you because many of you are like-minded and we enjoy sharing that which will enrich us.

Here it is...

The Vital Importance of Inner Alignment
by Owen Waters

Many people in society today work at jobs they don't like, and
find themselves with little or no time for activities that
increase the quality of their lives. Such people are out of
alignment with their inner selves.

Traditionally, society has pressured people into conformity.
Peer pressure to conform to an immediate social group begins at
school because, from an early age, people are taught that they
should conform to outside standards.

In England, the phrase "know your place" is used as a put-down
to someone who has started to become outstanding in some way.
In Australia, the traditional phrase is "cut down the tall
poppies." In Japan, "The nail that sticks up shall be pounded

However, this pressure towards conformity has been lessening
in recent decades, and it will continue to lessen as people
realize that there is strength in diversity. Diversity is
natural. Conformity is unnatural. In the universe, every
snowflake, every person, and even every proton is unique.
Together, the sum of the parts makes up a perfect universe of
infinite diversity.

Diversity is designed into the universe because the universe
exists in order that Infinite Being, the All That Is, may gain
an infinite variety of experiences. In the case of human beings
as expressions of the one source, we have free will so that we
can makes choices. Making choices, and experiencing the results
of those choices, is what human life is all about.

Inner alignment means becoming more of your true self. Your
inner being is your true self, and by developing your inner
potential, you express more and more of your true self.

In heart-centered, New Reality consciousness, mutual support
is shared between people. That means that being different is
good, developing personal skills is good, and exploring your
own potential is good. Deep within, everyone is equal. However,
in your unique form of expression in the outer world, you are
different to everyone else. Not better or worse, not more-than
or less-than; just different, because diversity is natural and
is honored through mutual respect.

The New Reality of heart-centered consciousness is being built
on this Earth, one person at a time. New Reality consciousness
is a supportive and empowered state of consciousness, rather
than the Old Reality consciousness of separation and fear.

When a person manifests their own unique, inner being, they
become aligned, in the way that a laser beam is aligned, rather
than being scattered by external should's and should-not's.
When many people in society become aligned in their own
personal power, the whole becomes far more influential than the
sum of the parts. In fact, it becomes exponentially more

When enough pioneers choose New Reality consciousness, there
will come a day when their powerfully aligned influence will
reach a critical mass. Then, it will transform the remainder of
society and, suddenly, everyone will "get it." Society, as a
whole, will then realize that heart-centered consciousness
is the way forward into creating its bright, new future.


~Deb said...

It's interesting, because if we don't like where we are in life, then what's the purpose? If you can't enjoy the journey, it's time to move to another plateau in your life.

Great stuff though!

Blu Jewel said...

I think we enjoy life, but sometimes there is room for improvement. Being stagnant is what causing so many to be unhappy.

Mizrepresent said...

I'm all about knowing and appreciating and living for thy innerself...i know when it all comes down, this is all i really know or care about...being truly me. It's not always satisfying and sometimes, well mosttimes people don't get it...but it's my life, and my life to live, so be it...being ultimately, intrisincally, effortless me!

Blu Jewel said...

Miz - ^5 and good for you. I was hoping you'd come by and read this cause I know (for the most part) that's how you're living.

Darius T. Williams said...

so yea, that is some good ish. and true too. I guess its interesting...why do we really conform. I know the answer is different for different people, but still...I wonder if theres a base reason. be unique and celebrate diversity...I love it.

Natural Mystic said...

I love this...I wish I'd wrote it too. Looks like we're in the same boat but at least we can admire it for it's delivery of the truth. Which more people should write about! :)I think we conform because we don't want to be looked at as different from that of our society and are afraid of failure. A lot of times we live our lives in a way in which other people think we should and not in a way that would truly make us happy or content with ourselves. I think that could be the root of why so many people commit suicide, self-mutilate; physically and emotionally abuse one another. Unhappiness is a bad disease.

Rosemarie said...

I need more time to take this all in and comment. My toddler has a morning activity. I'll be back. :)

Oh, you've been nominated for an award!

Rosemarie said...

Twice! :D

Don said...

Blu, that is a seriously deep message. I am really feeling this post. I agree that every individual has a certain uniqueness that means something on a grand scale of things. People have to search within themselves and allow that true essence to manifest. Then a complete change takes place. Man, this is some real lit.

You already know its about to go into my documents. Where many of your post end up going.

Love this post.

Blu Jewel said...

Darius - always a pleasure when you stop by. I certainly agree that there is a base for how/why we conform and I think it's based on how we're raised. From religion, tradition, family values, they all play a role in our foundations, but it doesn't always coincide with our inner beings. We should all strive to be the best and unique beings that we are.

Mystic - thanks for making your way over. You too are correct in your statement that unhappiness is a disease. We give up too much of what we want for ourselves to meet what others want from us or expect us to be. It's causes a lot of damage to the person who knows who/what they are but are forced to live by the stringent rules of others. It does also lead to suicide, homicide, self-abuse or drug/alcohol abuse as you stated. Sometimes one has to go against the grain to save themselves instead of being held back or hurt by others.

Rosemarie - Me? Up for an award? Really now? And to what do I owe the pleasure?

Don - You always make me blush when you save my posts; I'm truly honored and humbled by it. Posts like this (though I didn't write it) are worth sharing because we must do things to promote positive thinking, speaking, and acting. We must look beyond the $ signs for our happiness and find ways to utilize our individual and unique abilities.


shelia said...

Good post. Going along with the crowd seems easy so some folks take the easy route. Standing for something else and going about trying to make a change can be scary, but must be done. Celebrate the differences and learn from them instead of wanting everyone to be "alike."

Ali's Zay said...

Another thing I love about you: Always on the lookout for knowledge.

Peace and Love

Don said...

@ blu: agree with you 100%. It took me awhile to truly understand that.