20 January 2008

Blu Jewel PSA #1 for 2008

If you're someone who's recently accomplished something good, please don't hate on those who haven't quite achieved that same level of success.

There is someone I know and can't stand who is this very person. Because she recently lost some weight, she feels she has cause to talk about those who haven't. In so many ways Chick thinks she's better than other people and it's horrible to listen to or watch. My dislike for her in monumental because she's come to my home acting like her ish don't stink and I'm not the one. Hell no! Because she's friends with someone I'm friends with is why up until recently I kept my thoughts to myself, but since not being able to hold my thoughts/feelings in; all bets are off.

Fortunately, I'm not the only one who doesn't like this chick and who shares the same feelings toward her and my friend has been enlightened to the ignant ways of Chick. Moreover, she was able to witness the trite actions with her own eyes and will provide the humbling lesson Chick needs to learn.

It's a near year and a new way of living for me and so many people, so let's be mindful of how we treat others. There is and will always be someone better than us in some way, just as we'll be better than others in some way; however, it doesn't give us the right to treat others poorly.



Don said...

Good advice.

I think, sometimes we simply have to look over people. You may have to look over me too, at times. Most of the time we fail to think before we speak. We'll learn though.

Everyone needs to humbled, daily.

Mizrepresent said...

Sounds like an energy vampire...and the less you are around her, the better.

Blu Jewel said...

don - you're right we do have to look over people at times and there are plenty of instances when we speak without thinking, but when you're speaking with bad intent there is not looking over that person. I'd love to be a fly on the wall when she's knocked off her peg.

mis - love "energy vampire", will have to remember that one. Fortunately, my interactions had waned and there'll be even more distance after she's humbled.