24 January 2008

ignorance is NOT bliss

I'm one who does not believe the ish that the media feeds us. I rarely watch the news or even read a newspaper. For those of us who are striving to stay truly informed, we read, we research, we network with like-minded people who know that ignorance is NOT bliss.

I share this link with you all so you; like I, can stay truly informed and do your homework instead of being like sheep lead to the slaughter. Think of it this way when you're watching the news and reading newspapers; what are they NOT telling us. Furthermore, George Orwell and others like him KNEW what they were talking about, many were just too afraid to believe it.

Check it out
North American Union


Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

well said lil moma. but i watch cspan and read abou 7 or 8 newspapers each day... so pls forgive me

Blu Jewel said...

it's all good, i'm sure if you can filter through the bull-ish, then it's worth it, but i can't stomach it and don't possess that much patience.

Rosemarie said...

I don't watch much television, and avoid the news altogether. Like you, I’m not convinced that watching chaos and the world’s demise can be classified as “keeping informed.”

I was struck by their comment at the end of the video regarding separation and how powerless the people are.

As a woman of faith, I can see how separation from God can lead us into feeling powerless, and thereby giving our power to government. God help us!

Don said...


I feel so special. I watched zeitgeist about a month ago.

There is a New World Order being put in place, compliments of the 9/11 debacle. Only a few realize it.

dc_speaks said...

i feel this post. excellent tip!