18 January 2008

Current Likes/Dislikes

1. The thought that one day my king will come in search of his missing rib
2. I have come that much closer to being whole
3. I have someone in my corner that has truly helped me concretely see my future
4. I can and do speak freely to my mother
5. I talk back to my father and take pride in it
6. Taking chances and leaving my comfort zone
7. That I’m going to lose 10lbs
8. Positive discussion over controversial issues
9. Succession in my personal goals WILL occur this year
10. Life is beautiful

1. People unwilling to embrace or make effectual change
2. Narrow mindedness
3. Those who put down others to make themselves look good
4. The demoralization of our society
5. Haters and gold-diggers
6. People who refuse to stand for something
7. Self-deprecation
8. People saying one thing and doing another
9. Greed/corruption
10. The current state of black music


Mizrepresent said...

Likes - 1,2, 9 & 10 are so high on my list.

Dislikes -1,2,3 (hi^5)

Ms. Confessions said...

So my dislikes list would be teh exact same :)

Likes- High 5 on #1,2,4,6,7,9 and 10

Blu Jewel said...

miz & woman - thanks for sharing your thoughts and it seems like we're all like minded.

shelia said...

I dislike it when people say one thing and do another or mean another :)

Mr.Slish said...

The current state of black music is an understatement...IT SUCKS...But I have found the cure. I figured out for every 5 artist there is 1 that stays true to themselves I focus more on them..Here are a few if you don't already know..

Eric Roberson


Raheem Devaugn

Amel Larrieaux(think that's how its spelled)

Joy Denalane

Darien Brockington

Jazzy Jeff


L' Renee

The list goes on..You can go to I Tunes and put any of those names in and just listen..Tell me what you think...

Blu Jewel said...

shelia - thanks for the virgin stop by. i call people on that behavior.

mr. slish - man, you KNOW music. mad love to you for that list and yes, I'm familiar with almost every name you mentioned. I'm going to check those I don't know.

Rosemarie said...

"Positive discussion over controversial issues"

You should pat yourself on the back for that one. Most folk can’t do it—me included. However, if you’re giving an online class please sign me up!

Don said...

Blu, what are you doing trying to lose 10 pounds? Where do you need to lose it at? I'm wondering.

Positive discussion where controversy lies is the bomb. It may not hit home then, but it definitely manifest itself down the line.

That's right, take chances every now & then.

Nothing like having someone in your corner, whether you are right or wrong.

People who refuse to stand for something will fall for anything. They will learn.

Are you talking about me when you say people who say one thign and do another? Are you? lol.

Eb the Celeb said...

4 and 5 of likes is so me

Blu Jewel said...

Rosemarie - positive discussion over controversial issues is what sparks people to really think and address issues instead of passively going with the flow. I'll certainly sign you up when classes begin.

Don - what pix have you seen to say I don't need to lose 10lbs? I'll send you a registration form when I have a "class" for discussion over a controversial topic. Stepping out of our zones isn't easy, but the more I do it, the more I enjoy it. Gotta have those few ride or die folk. No, crazy man, I'm NOT talking about you unless you have a guilty conscious.

eb - I thought I'd get some flack for 4 & 5 of my likes. nice to know i'm not the only one.