27 October 2006

Fantasy/Freaky Friday

The final installment in my themed posts. Today's is a collection of fantasies and freaky things I’ve heard of or done. Unless you know me personally, you will not know which one relates to me. It’s better that way; gotta protect the innocent and the guilty.

…getting laid on a GYN’s table, by a stud muffin of a doctor

…doing it in an emergency service vehicle i.e., an ambulance, a patrol car, or a fire truck

…being fondled during a seminar

…doing it in a store’s fitting room

…skinny dipping in broad daylight

...masturbated while driving

...masturbated at work

...masturbated in front of partner, then fell asleep

…doing it at the job after hours

…having someone go down while driving a MANUAL transmission car

…role playing (she acts like a he and he like she)

...anonymous sex

...multiple partners (why won't that one ever die?)

...doing it in a church (WT???)

...same sex

...in same room while child was sleeping

...being submissive

...in any public place

...in parents car while they were in the house

...with a MILF or DILF

...in a club while dancing

...in a bar while sitting on bf's lap

Okay, I'm sure that's more than enough to share. Remember I shall not name names. Confidentiality agreemments have been signed and lawd knows I can't afford to lose the little bit I got.

Have a great weekend and don't hold me liable for any mischief you might find yourself in as a result of reading this.



Damn, in a club while dancing? I wish I could get a gal to give me head while I was sitting in the VIP section of the club, not too far back where no one could see, just enough where the right girl could see, walk up during me getting head and say, "I got next!"

G. Mo said...

Ahhhhhhhh... the fitting room. Old Navy has some nice sized fitting rooms and large mirrors which give off the feel of making your own porno flick...... (so I've heard)

Terry said...


Some of those look mighty interesting. In fact...I'm copying 'em down.

BluJewel said...

Slump - oooh, you are a straight freak.

g.mo - so you heard? Uh, huh!!!

terry - u got me lmbao! Copying them down...i hope your wife/girl/whomever is game.

blaqrayne said...

LMBAO...this was a good one. This isn't mine, but one of your readers will find it real familiar...How about in a public pool or lake with other people in the water?

The Goddess said...

My my my....There are some freaky people out there in blog land. Lol.

jus.b.fli said...

LMAO @ g.mo's "so i've heard". uh huh. sssssure you've "heard".

damn i wish i didn't have to abide by the rules of that confidentiality agreement or i'd tell EVERY thing i know!! (LOL)

being sweet-innocent me, i don't really have anything to share; however, i found this post extremely interesting. :D

Peace! Happy Friday, Momma!

Anonymous said...

I think my only question would be this: Of the things on that list that you didn't do, would you do them?

Copasetic Soul said...

wow, thats a freaky list...and i have done a couple. wont name them ALL but will name one

doing it in a store’s fitting room

sistagurl said...

dang thats a freaky list. i havent done them all now, but something tells me you've done most of them lol.

Anonymous said...

Oh my! That's some list to mull over during the weekend. HAHA! Have a fantastic, freaky weekend! c",)

BluJewel said...

rayne - i know you got some stuff in your closet...lol!

goddess - everyone has a lil freak in 'em

jus - innocent my ass! I KNOW you've got some stuff in your lil good bag.

Org - Yes, I would

copa - that seems to be a popular one...g'on witcha creatively bad self.

sista - nah, the Jewel hasn't done half the stuff on the list, but that's not to say I'm not with Terry and writing them down for future use

irene - I hope you take on a few of these. Everyone needs to do something wild once in a while.