19 October 2006

Negatives & Positives

In reading posts by jus.b.fli, Nikki, and a few others whom post blogs about being grateful, I chose to post one also. No, not because I'm a copy cat, but because I like the idea. My post will be a combination of things I'm thankful for and the negatives that later became positives in my life. Here goes...

I'm grateful for

...The Divine and His presence in my life

...sometimes taking chances even when I don't want to

...for the new venture the best girls a girl can have and I are taking on

...being a positive influence on people around me even then I personally think I could be hurting them by being honest

...for being given and voice/talent and using it wisely

...for using my down time constructively even though someone thinks I' m a PROUD slacker

...for the readers who take the time to read and comment to my blogs

...for allowing myself to grow and for dropping the self-deprecation

...for taking some bricks out of the wall I've built over the years

...for newly formed bonds

...for being as old as I am and looking and feeling the best I've ever been

...for embracing my age and looking forward to my next milestone birthday

...for the new baby due in March that I will be the Godmother of (pray it's a girl)

...for the twins I'm already the proud auntie of

...for Lil Lady cause even though she drives me crazy at times, is the best daughter a mother can have

...for the tears I currently feel welling in my eyes because I feel so overwhelmed with joy right now

The negatives that became positives...

...the shit I endured growing up that made me stronger and more resilient

...those who called me everything but the child of God cause I'm now beautiful inside and out

...those who said I'd only have a job and never a career; I have a career and then some

...the loves that broke my heart; miss me now don'tcha!

...the car accident that was supposed to kill me, but The Divine intervened and I'm still here

...decisions I made that seemed wrong at the time...the memories linger, but I did the RIGHT thing

...for not getting into the college of my choice, but for the wonderful experience I had at my alma mata and for the great friends I made and still have to this day

...the so-called e-friend who turned out to be an obsessive psycho cause he showed me I was too trusting and let my guard down at the wrong time in my life and it also showed that I have a caring heart and always try to find the good in people

...any negative unnamed that has turned into a positive whether I know it or not


nikki said...

that's what i'm talking about sis. that right there was a testimony.

BlaqRayne said...

You did a good job of finding the silver lining in those clouds. Continue to have faith and Praise His name. The things in motion are just a start of what's to come. I'm excited, the whole team is excited and we're gonna do it! The Revolution Will Be Televised...lol! Keep ya head up gurlie!

Anonymous said...

Greeting, sis.

Amen and amen to all that.

JC said...

Go head Blu. Thanks for sharing the positives and for showing us that the negatives don't always have to stay that way.

rastaman said...

I'm grateful you stopped by and said hello! Hello back. Like your list too.

BluJewel said...

To all...thanks for your love and support. You know I'm so grateful for you all regular readers and new.

jus.b.fli said...

you ARE a proud slacker!! that was a direct quote, babe!! (LOL)

seriously, i LOVE this. and just like you can on my blog... i can pick out the ones that are for me!! (hehehe) you are AWESOME, my dear. i really mean that! thank you for entering...

Peace! Today, Be... beautiful!!

jus.b.fli said...

oh yeah... i meant to say...



i'm gone for real this time!!

Susan Abraham said...

I'm grateful for your new friendship too, Blu. So enjoying it.


The Mistress said...

Awesome. I like how you always look for the positive and draw strength from it.

I loved this: "the loves that broke my heart; miss me now don'tcha!"

I know that's right!


Copasetic Soul said...

welcome to the addiction that is the grateful list.....

slackers of the world unite!

thanks for sharing your list and reading ours :-)

miss tango in her eyes said...

Glad to meet another proud slacker!


Yes, yes, ya'll, to the beat ya'll, this is my favorite, "...the loves that broke my heart; miss me now don'tcha!"

Death to all the X's who were cut because they just couldn't get their minds right!!!!

Anonymous said...

Like Yo-yo Ma pouring himself into a Bach concerto, your interpretation of the gratitude list is awesome!