25 October 2006

Wired Wednesday

I guess I'm on a roll with these day of the week themed posts...

Ever have your headphones to the point that you completely block everything and everyone out? Even more than that, you’re so into what you’re listening to that you’re singing out loud and not realizing just how loud you are? Well, that’s been me today. I’ve had coworkers come over and say, “hey, I didn’t know you could sing.” Or, “you’re humming really loud.” To them I say, “well, now you do,” or “oh really? Oh, okay.” And kept on about my business temporarily upset over the intrusion, then return to my iPod and jam away.

At one point, I got so into the music that I was bouncing in my seat and someone stopped, backed up, and started mocking me. Lucky for them, I liked them and let it slide. Had it been someone I didn’t like, I’da said, “hata”, laughed and again, go on about my business. I know folk look at me sometimes like WTF?

On the real, I don’t give a rat’s ass cause I sit in my cube minding business having to deal with all the bullshit and drama around me, so if I decide to get a little vocal once in a while, then so be it. At least my singing or humming is less offensive. Hey, I see the faces of doubt. While I’m not Mariah, my vocals are pretty decent; I can hold a tune.

And for the inquiring minds, I’m listening to John Legend’s new CD
Once Again and if you don’t have it, I suggest you get your butts to the store
to get it. And for those who are a little dusty in the pockets, see if one of your peeps will burn you a copy of theirs. For the ladies, he’s looking kinda good, so you might want to purchase your own copy cause he’s got some good pix in the insert in addition to the lyrics. Gotta love that so you’re not singing the wrong things. (lol)

Well, that’s all from me today. Massah an n’em got me pickin hard today, so I gotta get back to the fields.


G. Mo said...

I don't own an iPod, but best believe that I still pump my music while at my desk. I was jammin’ to John Legend’s new joint a week ago, now I’m on this new Kelly Price gospel album. You gotta get that one too… it’s hot!!!

BlaqRayne said...

I'm in iPod land as we speak. Trying to prepare myself for these dusty ass know it alls that I have to deal with.

rastaman said...

Blu! Still pickin'? Didn't you hear?

LOL ...

No headphones down here ... all I hear is just the soft roll of the waves crashing against the beach ... so nice!

Anonymous said...

I see you listen to the BEST music, BluJ! Jon Legend is coming up for review on my spot in a little while.

LOL @ Rastaman!

Have a good day, Miss BluJ!

Missedmanners said...

A) John Legend pwns, pardon my farthest-from-soul-speak on the topic.

B) What kind of headphones are you rocking? I'm a huge audiophile (on the way to work and back mostly) and I've got some great ones you should try out.

BluJewel said...

g-mo - Did you have a bootleg copy of the cd or are you just that well connected? (lol) I'll check out Kelly Price.

rayne - i wish you had the cd with you to help you deal wit dem derr dusty mens you hafta deal wit.

rasta - yeah, they had me pickin and it wasn't the good stuff you pick...lol I'd trade my headphones for the sound of the waves.

jojo - i'm a mega music fan so i'm always listening to something. Right now, John is giving me multiple eargasms.

missed - pwns? don't know what that means. S'plain please. I'm listening to the generic iPod earbuds, though I do want some new ones. Any recommendations.

The Goddess said...

Yeah, you ARE on a roll. Can't wait to see what Thurdsay is. Lol

Susan Abraham said...

Headphones are just paradise aren't they Blu, except that with them on, you may end up talking or answering someone a lot louder than you realise.
Happens to me.
love as always

JC said...

Hey if that's what it takes to get you through the day, then go for it. Thanks for the John Legend tip. My girl loves the CD and plays it all the time. Let me find out you got vocals too, Blu.

jus.b.fli said...

Gotta love that so you’re not singing the wrong things.

don't you hate that shit? when mofos be making up their own lyrics like it's their damn song? and will cuss (not curse) you the fuck out for correcting them??!! LMAO

john and i are falling more and more in love every single second. :D

Peace, darlin'!

BluJewel said...

su - music and headphones are what get me through the day.

godess - i dont typically do the theme day thing, but this weeke it kinda just happened that way. glad you're enjoying them.

jc - gotta make it do what it do baby...lol!

jus - yeah singing the wrong thing is not cute. lil lady argued me down when she was smaller over some lyrics. can u believe that? a kid arguing over the lyrics. The song said, "keep it on the down low" and she used to say, "keep it on the hound dog". lmao.

john and i are completely and totally in love.