16 October 2006

Sexual practices

Question: Why is it that because a woman has or wants sex toys it's because she has a poor sex life and/or she isn't fulfilled?

Whilte listening to the Michael Baisden show, the topic was Swinging Couples. Though I’m not into it as a sexual practice, I won’t knock others who do. They’re grown and in charge of whatever they decide as a couple, so who I am to say what they’re doing is wrong or a hazard to their relationship. I say, “do you; cause I’m gonna do me!”

Naturally, there are always those who have to throw stones, quote the Bible, and give their overzealous opinion on someone else’s lifestyle. They detracted from the subject for a while and began discussing women and sex toys. There were many females callers who said they have them and use them proudly. There were a few callers who said they don’t, but were curious, and there were others who said they’d never use them, as they are unnecessary. This one caller caught my ear. She ranted and raved about how if a woman needs to use a sex toy, she has an unfulfilling sex life and or her partner can’t satisfy her. Oh, you know I was all it at that point, but first let me direct your attention to one of my favorite blogs; The Mistress Lounge. Now this is a woman who is all about her game. The Mistress is a keep-it-real-no-holds-barred woman secure in herself, her sexuality, and her sexual prowess. I wish I could have called the show and told the OZC (overzealous caller) to defer to that site. In addition, The Mistress has a post Field Trip, in which she details her recent trip to a sex toy store. (An interesting read to say the least).

Anyway, back to the topic at hand. So, OZC is blabbing away about sex toys and their inefficiency when she was asked why she never used one. She said that she found no need for them and that is why there are men. The rest of the conversation went as follows (not exactly verbatim, but close)

Caller: OZC has every sexual experience she had was good?
OZC: No!
Caller: Ever been celibate; masturbated; or had an orgasm?
OZC: (offended): Don’t see the relevance of the questions.
Caller: Well, then you can’t see the reason why some women like sex toys, so stop making dictations on those who do. Using them (sex toys) doesn’t make women deviants. It allows them freedom of a (in some cases) one sided sexual experience of which they control.
OZC: But you’re excluding or substituting men.
Caller (laughing): No, it gives me what I want, when I want it. In addition, my HUSBAND bought me my first one and it’s for when I want to use it or when we want to add something extra to the experience.

They go back and forth for a few; then OZC huffs and puffs and then is let off the phone. Meanwhile I’m CTFU (cracking the fuck up) and wondering where these prudish women come from.

I’m a firm believer that unless you’re into some truly deviant shit (children, animals, necrophilia, and some other unusual perversions), then sex is whatever you want it to be, with whomever you want it to be with. Sex toys are just that…TOYS! Do we knock folk for playing X-Box, PS2, or Scrabble? Survey says no. So, I think sex toys are no exception.

*Note, this was supposed be post on Friday and called Freaky Friday, but I was busy. Hope it's still good for a Monday post?!


Mominator said...

Hilarious post, girl! My first thought was that OZC is a sexually frustrated woman and would be scared to buy a sex toy. Just jealous, I guess.

I have been scarce in blogwalking as of late with the obvious shit that hit the fan in my life! Between her and helping my sis with the triplets, I too tired to do anything!

Thanks so much for constantly leaving a great comment and taking the time to come by. I SO enjoy your writing!

Have a great rest of the day!

:) Sue

jus.b.fli said...


I'm not going to put too much of my business in the street ova here, sis... LOL... but I will say, ain't nuthin' wrong with a few "toys".

I loved this post! And to answer your question... it was just as good on Monday as it would have been on Friday! Folks get freaky on Monday too!! (LOL)

Peace! Today, Be... true to yourself!

JoJo D. said...

"Now days you have to boil a mofo before you sleep with them." I attribute that one to John Travolta from "The General's Daughter".

In this day and age of out of control, incurable sexual diseases, I'd rather sleep with an automated penis any night! At least I can't get possibly get a disease from it, and it won't get me pregnant, LOL!

I'm serious, too. Give me a nice, stiff, fake one, and I can make it do what it do. To each it's own, you know? Some people like spice, I guess. Another plus: at least I know I don't have to worry about sharing "him" (the penis) with another woman - like I could unknowingly be doing with a real one attached to a real man...

Funny post, BluJ.

Susan Abraham said...

Hi Blu,

All true. Today, I'll stay your echo, nod my head and say yes, yes, yes.
My own philosophy is similiar though I am Christian.

a) One man's meat is another man's poison &
b) To each his/her own.

love as always & yes, it's fine for a Monday post though it's already Tuesday noon in Asia & Australia.

The Mistress said...

That lady needs to cum bad!

Thanks for the tribute...I'm soooo flattered!

Sexually liberated women ROCK.

Vibrators do not threaten a man who knows what he's doing. Take my word for it.

BluJewel said...

mom, jus, su, jojo, & mistress: Nice to receive such positive feedback (not that I doubted I would). It's nice to hear that women are taking a proactive role in their sex lives whether it's with or without a man. Yes, the OZC is rather repressed and has odd views on sex/sexuality, but at the end of the day it's her loss. Continue to enjoy your liberation.

http://blog.myspace.com/blaqrayne77 said...

OZC is on some stuff and perhaps insecure. There are different strokes for different folks and you never know, you might like something once you've tried it. She's so narrow minded that she probably doesn't realize that she's not getting it good.

BluJewel said...

LMAO @ Rayne, but you're probably right on that one.

T.C. said...

I love it!

JC said...

OMG! Blu, you are seriously crazy for this one. The comments are great too. Hey, I'm a brutha who can appreciate a women with some skills and who ain't shy in the bedroom. My girl has toys and they don't make me feel less of a man. The only time that could happen is if she wanted them more than she wanted me. Go 'head ladies do your thang!

Organized Noise said...

I don't agree with your question. My ex had toys and we brought more. It just enhanced everything that we did ;-P

BluJewel said...

ON - u missed the point of my question hun. The question was regarding the response of the OZC. Nice to know that youre secure in your sexual practices with women AND their toys.