23 October 2006

Monday Musings

This post is a collection of various musings.

Thinking of white men who are on my "they could get it list"
...Jon. B (singer/songwriter)
...Joshua Morrow (actor Young & the Restless)
...Robin Thicke (singer/songwriter)
...Jason Statham (actor)

Black men on my "they could get it list"
...Maxwell (singer/songwriter)
...Morris Chestnut (actor)
...Michael Jai White (actor)
...Idris Elba (actor/DJ...betcha didn't know the latter)
...Reggie Bush (NFL)

Wondering why I can't be somewhere other than on the plantation right now doing something I really want to do?

Wondering with what sincerity I'm going to apologize to a coworker for "hurting his feelings and embarassing him".

Thinking about the two Jack and Cokes I had on Saturday that almost caused me to do bad things to a good body.

Those CFMs I want but can't currently get because I'm not fully recovered from my foot surgery (damn, damn, damn!)
myspace layouts, myspace codes, glitter graphics
Anxiously awaiting word from a sponsor so we can pull off one hella party in Dec. (y'all are invited when (being optimistic) we get the confirmation)

Wondering how a sick friend is feeling.

Strolling down memory lane for no real good reason other than it's making me laugh to do it.

Thinking about the crazy conversation I had this morning with "Edie".
myspace layouts, myspace codes, glitter graphics
Wishing I was in London right now drinking tea and eating biscuits with my favorite aunt.

Already thinking about Thanksgiving dinner. (who wants to help wash/cut greens???)

Trying to gather enough Monopoly money to "bribe" someone into behaving.

Deciding to end now because I realize that I currently have entirely too much free time on my hands and should probably find something constructive to do other than blog.


JC said...

Yeah, you've got too much free time on your hands. (lol)
I'm not touching you on your man fantasies, though I can think of a few hunnies for myself.
I can relate to not wanting to be where you are and being somewhere else.
Speechless on the CFMs. You women are dangerous with those.
If the "apology" is gonna keep peace, just say it with a plastic smile to make his bitch ass shut up.
Thanksgiving? Damn, it's THAT time already. Shit!
Whomever "Edie" is, is she bad like Rayne?
You sound like you miss your auntie in London.

Well, I gotta run, but enjoy the rest of your day crazy girl.

JC said...

whoa! wait! forgot to ask, who's body you wanted to do bad things to...naughty girl?!

The Goddess said...

Love the "Monday Musings"

Whatever happened to Jon B cause I used to love his music? If I didn't love my honey so much, Morris Chestnut would be in some serious trouble cause he is TOO fine and definitely wouldn't have a problem getting some from me. Uhmm Uhmmm!


My only question, for now, is why could each of these men get it?

BluJewel said...

JC - Yeah, it's best to leave the fantasies to the women. And I dont ever doubt that men have their own lists. CFMs are a staple in a woman's closet. (lol) I ain't said jack to dude yet, though I will eventually. Yeah, it's that time of year. YES, YES, YES, "Edie" is bad, in fact WORSE than Rayne...lmao...she's gonna kill me for that, but it's the truth I tell ya. As for the bad things/good body, I plead the 5th.

Goddess - jon b is still around though not getting the props and respresentation he deserves. Check out Stronger Everyday if you don't already have it...BANGIN!

Slump - this woman reserves her right to discretion and therefore will reveal naught!

nikki said...


i thought i was the only person who had him on the short list of 'guys i'd like to fuck'.

don't make me fight you for him. LOL

BZ said...

Jason Statham is one white boy that could definitely get it! hahaha!

shereejoi said...

I totally agree with you with robin Thicke and Reggie Bush they both can definetly get it!

jus.b.fli said...


i've already told you, Jon B. is MY man. it's really NOT a good look for sisters to be fighting over the same guy. (LOL) and Morris!?! you already know dha deal! can you say: "i'd hit dat"??? (LOL)

the monopoly money... LMAO... how much you got so far? but fa real. i'm gonna behave. ummm. i promise. (hehehe)

you don't have too much time on your hands. there are things you could actually be doing. like... i don't know... WORK?!!! you are such a bad influence on me!!

i'm keeping my fingers crossed for Dec. i'm comin' regardless of whether i'll be "working" or not. count on that!!

Peace, darlin'!

BlaqRayne said...

Yes indeed. Keep those fingers crossed and thoughts optimistic.

I think I agree with your whole "could get it" list.

I have a few wandering thoughts to share with you.

Wishing I could read a certain someone's mind.

Wishing I had been assigned to the Miami ARTCC installation instead of where I'm at.

Wondering why this hotel room had the air blasting while it's 34 degrees outside.

Wishing I could rest.

BlaqRayne said...

Oh - one more thing...

JC - Being Bad is My Businezz & Businezz is GOOD! It's so great to have you back.

BluJewel said...

nikki - hell naw u aint the only one with MJW on the short list. I met him and lawdie, lawdie is all I can say.

bz - Jason Statham aka Handsome Rob is mmm, mmm, good!

shereejoi - y'all women tryna make a sista fight up in here over these men.

jus - you're just itchin for a fight for real. Imma lace you with the Monopoly money so you can slow your role. As for my time, girl I am as constructive as it gets. (snicker). And yes, keep them fingers tightly crossed and pray hard.

Rayne - STOP STEALING MY LINES!!! Man, "can get it list" is the buzz today. These men would be worn out after we all get done with them.(lol) If you were in MIA, you know I'd be there too. Then we could really put "being bad is my business and business is good" to fantastic use. Leave the mind reading alone, it'll fall into place.

To all, smooches!

Anonymous said...

yeah baby the jack and cokes will do it to you every single time, but dammit i want details!!! ;)

Susan Abraham said...

Your lively blog sounds pretty constructive to me, Blu.

love as always

BluJewel said...

Teej - you know Blu will never divulge the things a lady should (and will) keep to herself.

Su - thanks for always checking and for your kind words.

Nique said...

Thanks for your wishes and about the post, umm...I dont know, it was fine, i guess i will store it in one of my perosnal constructs, and hpfly it will help me in the arduous task of figuroingout you(n others)

Kris said...

lol @ the who could get it list...

Goddess, I was thinking the same thing about Jon B. When they get missing like that I get nervvvvous.


SMH @ having to google for Idris Elba now.

Anonymous said...

LOL! @ your list of men who can "get it".

If it could happen, Maxwell would be my Love Slave forever! LOL!

Good post, BluJ. You're the best!