30 October 2006

Mischief Monday

DISCLAIMER - After succombing to peer pressure, I've decided I'd try another themed week. It's a hard task for me because thinking of unique themes stresses me, so if I change midstream, it's because I can't handle the pressure.

As some of you know, I'm at the top end of my 30s which means I should be a little more mature and congnizent of proper decorum. While I typically do behave accordingly, sometimes the little bad kid in me wants to come out and play and she made her presence known on Friday. Since then, a series of michievous thoughts have crossed my mind and I'll share them with you.

...burst the inflated pumpkin on someone's front lawn

...find a way to cut the power to an invisible fence to see if the dog would make a break for it

...crank call people posing as a bill collector or some other annoying person

...call the chinese restaurant and order Genital Chicken (General Chicken) and a Poo-Poo platter and ask if it has poop in it

...put saran wrap across a toilet and wait for someone to use it

...put tape on key holes

...create phony email addys and play tricks on friends to see what they'll say about the email
(no, I'm not responsible for any such emails you might receive)

...call a store and ask for a product is not on sale, but is at their competitors and then berate them for not having it on sale

...drive slow in the fast lane to pay back someone who's done it to me

...play some real hood music in a white neighborhood and some crazy rock music in the hood

...leave an anonymous seductive message on a stranger's voicemail

...giving in to any errant behavior that comes over me while in public

What does your inner child want to do?


Anonymous said...

LOL @ your list of mischievous things to do! I laughed so hard at the rock music/rap music fun! Girl, can you imagine the looks you'd get from peeps in the 'Hood if you came through playing Barry Manilow or Gloria Estefan! LOL!

For once, I'd like to be mischievous and go through the 'Hood and knock over trash cans so the trash can spill out in the yards. Or, tie together the hands and feet of a cat and watch it struggle to stand up.

JC said...

You are so bad, but I can understand it cause being good all the time can get boring. The inflatable popping, the chinese food, and the music one are my favorites.

I wanna deflate the tires of expensive cars and watch the people's reactions. Uhm, maybe not, cause if someone did that to mine, I'd be really pissed. Maybe I need to rethink my mishief game. I did always wanna leave ice cream out in the grocery store.

JC said...

ps...jojo, that's some cruel shit to do to a cat.

jus.b.fli said...

my inner child wants to do things that are too mischievous to mention here (LOL)... although, i will admit i like the idea of leaving an anonymous seductive voicemail for a stranger.

too bad caller id has probably ruined that, huh? anywho... you're a bad girl!! you know that right?


Copasetic Soul said...

...drive slow in the fast lane to pay back someone who's done it to me

your silly...but i do understand. im so diggin the list,lol.

BlaqRayne said...

LOL...I put tape over the ball on the bottom of a co-worker's computer mouse....drove him nuts and left me in stitches.

This reminds me of the Jerky Boys who used to pull phone pranks. My brother and I used to play copy cat. It would be good to re-visit those days, but caller id has ruined it.

I'll take you up on the ride through the Burbs and the Hood. You know I have the system to do it.

Brotha Buck said...

My inner child is all over my blog, and I'm at the bottom end of 40.

Susan Abraham said...

Ooh...you naughty little imp!
love as always

BluJewel said...

jojo - me and rayne are gonna come banging Barry Manilow through your hood. Knocking over trash cans is cool, but being mean to cats isn't. You know they say serial killers start out by abusing animals...lemme find out go got tendancies...lol

jc - and here i am thinking you're a tough guy when the best you can come up with is melting ice cream? Man!

jus - that's why there's *67 to block your number (devilish snicker)

copa -you know you wanna do that too. I bet you have a bunch of bad things you'd like to get out.

rayne - i told jojo that we're gonna bang the system through her hood. like i told jus...there's always *67 to block the number and wyle out.

brotha - you got that on smash! can't wait to see what else you come up with.

su - yeah, i'm naughty and i love it. i'm sure your inner child has some things it wants to do too.

Anonymous said...

@BluJ: Girl, you crack me up so bad! Aint nothing but senior citizens living in my Hood now, so Manilow would probably be welcomed! LOL!

Nope, no serial killer here, but that's not unusually cruel to a cat; it'd be fun! LOL. No, for real, I'd leave the cat alone; let him make it...