24 October 2006

Terrific Tuesday

A collection of thoughts I came to embrace as the day progressed

It's Terrific Tuesday because

...I slept well last night and woke up blessed and refreshed

...jus.b.fli wrote an amazing poem ...Between Us (for Clark) and posted it on her site

...I embrace the notion that everyone needs a "Superhero"

...I bought the new John Legend CD and love it

...although my future godchild wouldn't show its "business" on the ultra sound, we know that s/he is healthy and strong (still praying for a girl)

...had a talk with my best friend and she's in a good place right now

...feel better knowing that someone with whom I've hurt doesn't hold it against me and knows it wasn't intentional

...those whom I'm close to know I love them very much even when I don't always say it

...I still haven't apologized to my coworker because I still know it won't be sincere

...received a call from a friend who just wanted to say "hi"

...there are new readers on my site

...I found a killer poem that I wrote and had forgotten about, but am currently updating for a future post on my other page The Saphyre Lounge

...when one door closes another one opens and often with more favorable results

...for all the wonders yet to occur today

...for all the e-hugs I'm sending into the universe


BlaqRayne said...

Glad to hear that Tuesday is terrific for you and glad to see you reflecting on the positive again. You're a good person with a good heart, but you're also human. So always remember to cut yourself some slack. Big Hug 2 U!

JC said...

I'm digging these inspiring posts. It's nice to hear good things instead of everyone talking about all the bullshit in the world or complaining about their lives. My girl likes John Legend, so I'll scoop up the CD for her on my way home. I hope your day continues to be terrific and thanks for the e-hug. One right back atcha.

PS you know I'll be looking for that poem. And I'll check out the one your friend posted.

jus.b.fli said...

terrific tuesday, huh? yeah. i gotta admit, it's been a pretty good day. altho' massah n'em tried to work the hell outta me while i was on the plantation... but, i digress... because the positive energy STILL flowed like water down a hill and i was able to make someone else happy! that's what love is all about, right? :)

you are THE ABSOLUTE BEST, Blu! that's anotha reason why my day has been so terrific!!

(i'm on that task you have for me too! going to go read right now.)


Terry said...

"...I embrace the notion that everyone needs a Superhero"

Or at least, just a hero.

BluJewel said...

Rayne - thanks always for your support and for reminding me that I'm still human. Hugs 2u2

JC - you're such a nice guy. I hope your girl loves the CD. I hope you read the poem.

jus - i know how da massah n'em be doin it coz day had ya gurl pickin dat cotton hard as hell today, but it's aiight doh, I was ready for it. Glad I could help make your day terrific.

Terry - nice to see you in the house again. And you're right, just having a hero is a wonderful thing.

A woman on the move said...

...when one door closes another one opens and often with more favorable results


Yes, Tuesday was indeed terrific!
I gave my job the boot effective 10-31-06, LOL...

Kiss my ass!

On to bigger and better!!!

Anonymous said...

That's an excellent poem Miss Butterfli wrote.

BluJ, I'm sending you a BIG, BIG, BIG hug today!

The Goddess said...

I love days like these. Wouldn't it be to perfect if everyday could be this terrific. But then I guess you wouldn't have much to look forward to if it were. Great post.