26 October 2006

Throwback Thursday

Seeing as most of my readers are "grown", I think y'all can appreciate today's post.

Ever wish we could go back in time to a period where things were a little less hectic and more enjoyable? Yeah, me too, so here's my list of throwbacks I'm feeling.

...house parties where the guests didn't come empty handed

...where said guests would stay and help clean up afterward

...real music that was worth listening/dancing to

...music videos that actually went with the song

...neighbors that you knew and could trust

...kids respecting their elders

...the "village" that raised a child

...home cooked meals and eating out was a treat

...parents who attended their childrens games without becoming belligerent/violent

...parents/grandparents that acted their title and not their kids best friends

...going to church as a FAMILY

...wearing your Sunday Best

...where the parent of a child born out of wedlock was not referred to as "my baby daddy/mama"

...where having children from multiple men/women was NOT something to be proud

...Sunday dinners

...Friday fish fry's

...kids didn't carry guns, knives, bombs to school

...corner stores in neighborhoods where you could get "credit" til payday

...homemade birthday cakes

What's your throwback?


JC said...

I was just comment on yesterday's post cause I couldn't yesterday and her you are with another. This one is hott!

My additions...
Sitting on the stoop listening to music and checking out girls

Ice cream trucks

Knowing what it meant to have a curfew

Anonymous said...

Certainly miss the friday fish fries and the Big Sunday dinner..

A woman on the move said...

I miss playing school with my stuffed animals and dolls. You would have sworn I was going to be a teacher...LOL. Do little girls even play school any more?

Playing Nintendo with my brothers. I loved Super Mario Brothers and Duck Hunt. We had the running pad too.

Browsing through the Sears and JcPennnys Wish books around this time of year. I wanted the entire book.

G. Mo said...

I miss going to the arcade and playing all the old school games like Donkey Kong, Ms. Pac-Man, Asteroids, Space Invaders, Pole Position, Dig Dug and Frogger. I used to take my allowance money and flip it a few times cuz I was unbeatable!!!!

I miss the days of riding my dirt bike and racing my friends. Those days leading up to Christmas in anticipation of a new bike were some of the best moments.

Terry said...

Well, I'm more old school than all y'all. I miss Kool and the Gang on 8 track.

You ain't lived until you've heard the opening part of "Jungle Boogie" on 8 track.

I miss tight fittin' pants and floral print blouses. Elevator shoes and women with big ass afros. I miss "jive" talkin' and school yard basketball. I miss sandlot baseball games and "pick-up" football in the park.

I miss American Bandstand and Soul Train on Saturdays. I miss the "King Bisket Flower Hour" and the "Midnight Special.

But most of all, I miss KUTE 102 and China Smith. Folks who didn't live in L.A. don't know 'bout that one.

blaqrayne said...

I miss Penny Candy, Rent Parties, Block Parties and REAL music/FUN music.

BluJewel said...

To all...everyone of you have some cool throwbacks. Maybe we should get together and combine as many of our throwbacks as we can and have a party.

Terry - you are the mutha effin man for real. You've got the realist throwbacks and I ain't knockin your hustle for that. Can we come chill with you sometime?

Terry said...

Any time, Blu any time. I'll fire up the 8 track for ya.

chele said...

blue light basement parties

rushing home before the street lights came on

growing up in the same house with your daddy

chilling at the b-ball courts, talking and laughing with my girls

block parties

jus.b.fli said...

oooo... i'm with Chele on the block parties! dang those were the days! & hanging out at the skating rink. (LOL)

talkin' 'bout a village raising a child! yeah i remember when kids actually had respect for their elders!

did EVERYBODY do the friday fish fry thang? i thought that was a southern tradition!! (LOL)

this was a great "flashback" post, ma'am. thank you for the trip down memory lane!


BluJewel said...

chele - thanks for the visit and for the great addition to the list.

jus - nah girl, fish fry is a black thing period. I think I'll be stopping by the fish market tomorrow.

Can't say a word to the lil niglets these day without them getting all stank an shit. Can't stand their lil rude asses.

glad you enjoyed the stroll down throwback lane.

Anonymous said...

Great post! Although it made me feel old (HAHA!), it also made me wistful and a tad melancholic.

I'm enjoying your blog! Keep at it! c",)

beautyinbaltimore said...

Unfortnatly, to many women in my age group can not cook so eating out is mandatory.