18 October 2006

Wierd thoughts Wednesday

I had no idea what I wanted to blog about today and then this hit me.

I know it isn't just me who does this, but I wanted to through some wierd thoughts out there that have recently (and not so recently) gone through my head.

Ever wonder why the black people in soap opera's have no black friends? Is the budget that small that they can only have a limited number of black actors in the story?

Ever wish you could write the script from a more everyday point of view? That would be some soap opera!

Ever look at someone at a couple and think, "they must be a disgusting couple in the bedroom."

Ever look at your coworkers and think, if you're this much of a dick/bitch here, I wonder what you're like at home?

Ever wish you could go out and mute someone's speakerphone because you know they don't need to conduct every call via speaker?

Ever wish you could go to the loud cowoker and say, "can you please just shut the fuck up?"

Ever wonder what people are listening in their cars when they pass you and they're singing or bobbing their heads?

Ever look at someone and think, "did you even look in the mirror when you got dressed today?"

Ever just wanna slap the shit out of that kid who obviously has no hometraining?

Ever been tempted to pull the pants down of the kid with his jeans hanging off his ass?

Ever want to offer the teen girl with her pilsbury roll that she needs a longer shirt?

Okay, I'm gonna quit here cause I'm finding more and more things to question. Care to share your wierd thoughts?


JoJo D. said...

Girl. Yes, yes, yes ma'am to all of it!

You aint never lied.

JoJo D. said...

I got one: Have you ever secretly delighted immensely in someone getting their payback or comeuppance?

You were so glad to see them finally get "theirs".

I know I was.

JC said...

Dayum Blu have you been mind reading again? Especially about the bad ass kids and the girls with suggestive clothing.

Got one to add...ever wanna step to the wo/men who swear they're about something, but they are in debt out their asses so they can floss?

Anonymous said...

I always wondered why there's only one or two family members when black folks on the soaps get married....can't they "find" some family for the day?

BlaqRayne said...

I have quite a few of these. I'll have to email you.

Good One!!!

jus.b.fli said...

I say "HELL YEAH!" to ALL these because at one time or another they've all gone thru my mind! (LOL)

You know another one that's at the top of my list:

Do you ever wanna tell the woman at work who's dressed immaculately every day that she's still a nasty Ho if she doesn't wash her hands before leaving the restroom?

I mean really! How you g'on flush, come outta the stall, check your hair and make-up and then just walk on out??!! (Ewwww!)


Peace, girlie!!

Nique said...

i think today it is just you

BluJewel said...

JoJo- ALL of them huh? I must have been reading your mind today. And yes, I am happy when someone gets "theirs"

JC - Again, I must be a mind reader today. Wish I could win the lottery now...lol

anon - glad it ain't just me

rayne - damn girl, your list must be mad long

jus - EWWW! That's real nasty and yeah, she needs to be put on blast for that

Nique - you can't be serious man? Say it isn't so!

I am not Star Jones said...

YES to all of it.