10 October 2006

There's always one

Loyal readers, thanks for your patience during my absense. I'm now liberated from the grips of Da Massa and am now free the land and resume my wanton ways. (snicker)

Anyway...So last week I was in a training class for 3 days. It was a nice change of pace and it was actually really a really good class(gasp!). Naturally, there was a mix of people who attended and of course there is always one who stands out from the rest. From day one; actually on sight, I didn't like this woman. She was loud, bragadocious, a know-it-all, and always had something to say. So, what if you've done this or that, what about those or us who haven't? Granted she had some valid points cause I'll give credit where it's due, but for crying out loud, why did she feel the need to dominate the entire freaking 3 days. More than once, I literally bit my tongue so I wouldn't say something I shouldn't. The power of the Divine is a marvelous thing because if not for Him, I wouldn't be talking to you all right now. I might really be out in the back fields of the plantation.

Everyday she had to center something on herself be it in the classroom or the breakroom. How she played on 6 soccer teams and was considering a 7th. How she's travelled the world and how in other countries what we're learning now is passe. Or how she was anorexic as a teen, but has since overcome it even though her mother thinks she should gain weight. (She's gained 10lbs) Big fucking deal beyah. I resigned myself to the fact that she really craves attention and is not getting it at home, so she makes these public declarations in order to make herself seem more important that she really is.

I watched the instructors cringe every time she opened her trap and I saw my classmates exastberated expressions as she deferred to herself to make her points. Readers, I'm a typically mind mannered gal who will tolerate much, but at one point, my mild manneredness turned to felonious thoughts as I plotted on ways to taint her coffee. Yes, she was that irksome.

I know you all know what I'm talking about and have experienced such a character in a meeting or similar environment a time or few. Please share your stories with me so I can dispell the thought..."Is it just me?"



The good: if you were back on the plantation you'd be just like Nat Turner!

The bad: people like her usually have low self-esteem and need to gain attention by whatever means necessary. Consider yourself blessed, she could have gone postal in the training.


A woman on the move said...

This is what you call a NEEDY person. I saw needy because they are thirsty for attention, mainly because they DON’T get any in their personal lives. I have been in training classes and regular classes where there’s always ONE person who has to ALWAYS be heard.

But particularly this is the case with my supervisor. She’s a real piece of work. She’s very overbearing, fake as hell, always has something to say, thinks she knows EVERYTHING (with only a high school diploma), and everything is centered around HER.

Again, it boils down to low self esteem and a need to seek validation by any means necessary. Oh yes, I know this fool very well. It’s actually pretty amusing to watch them in action. While they’re trying so hard to appear knowledgeable and happy; they are in fact projected the opposite image to everyone within their presence.

I just laugh at her old pathetic ass, and I just think “It Sucks to be YOU!”

jus.b.fli said...

HELL NAWL, it ain't just you!!

I think we've all had to deal with someone like ya girl. I have one on my plantation. Everytime we're in a meeting and she raises her hand or opens her mouth, my head automatically drops and I start prayin': "Lord? Please let her shut dha fuck up before I go dha fuck off!" (LOL)

Anyway! I'm glad you enjoyed the break you were afforded by your 3 days of training! You needed AND deserved them!

Does this mean we can expect a new blog entry EVERYDAY now??!!? (hehehe)


Susan Abraham said...

Hi dear Blu,

How I missed your rants!
I believe this happens generally everywhere.
I had 2 personal experiences working as a magazine journalist in Kuala Lumpur when I went on assignment with a group of reporters. One was to cover a holiday resort at a beach and the other was for a fashion do in Sydney.
There was always someone in the group...female, who would boast openly about their beauty, conquests, how they were tops at everything etc. etc... They're always loud in order to get the attention they need.
And the best part of it was the way their colleagues often accepted this pleasantly...or rather tolerantly.
And in Sydney, this lady who was very boastful very loud, plain and obese went on and on about her admirers etc. You knew it was all lies and came from such an obvious deep-rooted insecurity. But the other reporters who worked with her, just tolerated the situation.
I think in this case,kindness kills.
And they're so unpleasant, that you never forget the experience.

And that is why I've stopped talking too much too, about my travel experiences Because there's always someone who'll want to compete inwardly...that they would have gone to more places than you...did more things etc. You just have to talk about a couple of countries even in passing and someone else will show off about 10 more.
After awhile, I got so tired of this.

shereejoi said...

I know this chic who when it's just me & her she is fine, but when it is other people around she acts like she doesn't know how to act she has to be the center of fucking attention and she says the dumbest stuff it is so fucking irritating. She always got something to say like her shit don't stank B*tch Please!

BluJewel said...

@ Slump - lol @ Nat Turner

@Woman - Feel for you girl, at least I only had to deal with chick for 3 days

@ jus - I knew you'd love this

@Su - Seems like it's a global thing

@ Sheree - I guess you could call chick Sybil

Overall, it seems as if everyone agrees it's a personality issue of low self-esteem and the need for attention. I tell you what, let her be in a class of mine again, and I won't be so forgiving.

blaqrayne said...

Definitely not just you!!!