06 January 2006

Man of the house!

"My son is the man of the house. The people he likes, when they come in...they deposit $1.00 in his high-yield savings account." -- Karrine Steffans, Bill Maher's Belle, Ex-Stripper and Self-Proclaimed 'Video Vixen' on How She Makes Her 7-Year-Old Tax the House Guests

First of all, how the hell is a damned snot-nosed little boy the man of the house? Who’s house? Sheot! It wouldn’t be mine. This hoe is crazier than I thought! That’s the bullsh*t that creates mean and ulgy men. The type of man who has no regard for people unless they come with something…in this case, money. “The people he likes” equates to if he don’t like you then you need to the f*ck out the house that he’s "The Man" of cause you ain’t about nothing or coming with broke pockets. That’s just lovely! (sighs in disgust). Everyone to him is a dollar sign and in a day and age where material things rule, he’s being set up for failure. In addition, if he thinks he’s the man of anything at 7, can you even conceive what he’ll be like in a few more years. If he’s anything like the image I’ve conjured, I’d wanna flush his little ass down a toilet. And not just any toilet; the kind urban legends are made of with mile longs snakes and alligators in the piping. Yeah, I know it was cruel, but think about what his crazy ass mother is doing. Ding, ding, ding! One for the home team.

Not only has she made millions on scandalizing herself, but now she’s pimping her son too. What kind of crap is that? Imagine with me the life of this little boy who’s mother is known for being a high-paid, shameless, whore, who’s turned around and publicized her sex life with countless men. Why? 1) Because she had a effed up childhood and life and 2) because she could. Wow! Talk about inspiration. I’m not sure what kind of friends this kid has or whom he is surrounded by, but you can’t convice me that none of this has an adverse effect on him. Maybe is doesn’t because his mother has convinced him she did the right thing and used what she had to get what she wanted, but what kind of legacy is that for a child? I find myself with more questions than answers.

As a mother, I couldn’t imagine telling my child what I did for a “living” if I had a PhD. in Pubic Relations and a minor in Fellatio. It would be even harder explaining it after I decided to make millions off publishing a book about it. Did chick ever consider the ramifications of her actions? Hell to the mutha effin naw! As far as she’s concerned she did nothing wrong. She better pray she don’t end up M.I.A somewhere for outing the cats she’s been with. Though I suspect some of them are probably proud to have been mentioned. Damn the male ego!

I know to some I probably sound like a hata, though I couldn’t think of why I’d need to hate on her. I have considerable self-respect and treat sex as an act of love and intimacy and not as a means for scandal and money making. I’ve always been amazed at how easily one can be called a hata for having an opinion that’s contrary to the masses or for speaking their mind. I’ll quote a friend who said, “she’s probably looser than a newborns bowel movements” in describing Miss Steffans. If that’s something to brag and boast about, then I’d rather be constipated.

“…they deposit $1.00 in his high-yield savings account.” Now that’s something to laugh about. (LMBAO) She obviuosly doesn’t know much about financial matters, cause The Man could fair better with a high-yield Certificate of Deposit than a savings acount. In case you were wondering.

Off to find solace in something that actually makes sense.


JCarter said...

Oh my f*uckin goodness. You hit some spots with this one ma. I wish I would let my son's mother say he's the man of anything. If that's the case, then he needs a job and not my child suport check.

BlaqRayne said...

LOL...you stole my line. On the real, this little boy isn't the man of the house. He's a Pimp In Training. And she's buckin for a future job.

BluJewel said...

LMFAO! Both of you are crazy, but what you said is true; very true!

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