24 January 2006

What happened to making love?

I listen to R&B music with less passion than I used to. Gone are the days when the music spoke if sensuality and making love. Nowadays, people are "getting their freak on", "bumpin-n-grindin", "hittin it", "f*ckin", and doing anything but making love. Granted, we don't make love everytime we're with that significant person, but dammit, can't we at least be tasteful in our approach to it?

I remember when I used to listen to an R&B song and heard lyrics that said, "I wanna make love to you", and thought that was so sexy and a turn on. Now all I hear in most songs is, "I wanna freak you" or "I wanna hit you off". How unromantic is that? Call me a prude if you want to, but sheot, if you're trying to test your landscaping skills in my garden, you better come with some better lyrics and game than "...girl you remind me of my Jeep, I wanna ride you..." or some other awful shit.

Have those who write lyrics lost their minds? Is this what intimacy and romance has come down to? Hell, is that music in general has come down to? Neo-Soul artists and real music afficionados are the a few of the only ones who can still appreciate music for it's whole content.

Leela James has a song called "Music" in which she questions what has happened to real music? I wholeheartedly agree with her. Link to her lyrics illustrates what I'm trying to convey.


I find it pretty sad and disheartening that it's hard to find R&B songs with lyrics that aren't tainting what it means to love, make love, and have intimacy and sensuality in your love life.

Off to listen to Maxwell, at least he knows how to lyrically make love to me.


JCarter said...

Just wanted to say that I agree with you. I'm hip and down with the "urban speak", but still nothing compares to real passion and a real connection. Making love starts with the mind, then the ears, and then it's physical. Hearing a fine girl say, "let's get our freak on" is just NOT a turn on.

zeek59 said...

There is a time and place for both. Love making is reserved for that special someone in a romantic enviroment. Get down, get dirty sweaty sex is for the more spontaneous environment. Either way, the lyrics of today tend to lead to the latter of the two.

BlaqRayne said...

LMAO at the garden. You got that off. Anyway, you are so right about this. The Sould of Music is on the verge of being lost. When I was too young to appreciate it, we had real love songs. Now artists who resort to that, can't win a Grammy, American Music Award or even a darn Soul Train Award. What's up with that? And they don't receive the proper exposure needed to provide consistent profits and success. On the other hand, you can make a song like My Neck, My Back and have it in heavy rotation on every radio station nationwide. And it's not just the love music either. An artist can't sing uplifting songs or make profound rap music and make it to the A list. Let's represent for artists like India Arie, Maxwell, Alicia Keys, Kem, Leela James and Common and stop supporting garbage like that chick who needs to see my hairstylist for a good color job.

BluJewel said...

OOOH! Talk about putting someone on blast! Yeah, you got that off. Hats off to your comment for real because it's true, all true. You have a more discerning taste for music and can appreciate what MUSIC is, not a bunch of noise and words.

cuervo said...

I agree on all accounts.I'm fairly young and I listen to my rap and what not, but I like to get down "wit the git" and chill to music that doesn't exploit body parts like it's normal dinner conversation.I couldn't stand 2live crew then and I don't like that laffy taffy crap either. What happened to when people sang from the heart and not their...whatever name you want to give it(they have so many alias).
What happened to romance and sh*t? The words that are being played is just that nowadays..PLAYED. I'm young with an old soul. I like to chill by candlelight and listen to Kem and take it further back. I wouldn't want someone to talk to me with some crazy mess like the lyrics in majority of "today's" music.

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