17 January 2006

Time wise

It’s been a few days since I’ve posted and it’s not because I didn’t want to; trust me I’ve got enough things to rant about. (haha!) I’ve just been very busy and there was little time to adequately share with you. I will however use that intro as the segway to what I want to talk about.

Now, as a working mother and member of the military, I understand that time is a precious thing and needs to be utilized wisely in order to make the most of it. I also understand the many unforeseen events that occur in our lives that interrupt the course planned for the day. However, what I don’t understand are the people who complain about not having enough time. Please tell me what you’d do with any additional time you might have. I know people who sleep in excess of 8 hours and then say; I didn’t have time to do this or that. Gee, I wonder why?! Then there are those who have schedules that are in conflict of others and then wonder why they can’t hang out. Hmm? It’s called opposing schedules! How about those for example who have poor time management and can’t get themselves organized enough to complete anything. Sounds like adult ADD to me. (snicker) I snicker because I swear I suffer from that from time to time. No, not because I’m unorganized, but moreso because I’m trying to do so many things at once or in a short time frame. Whatever one’s reason, excuse, or whatever you want to call it is, I have a hard time believing anyone is that completely busy.

Here’s why…I have a good friend who is currently deployed in Iraq. Not just in Iraq, but in the thick of the shit that’s happening. He’s in a Special Ops group, which constantly is exposed to the heinous things we hear/read in the media. I know first hand that what we hear/read is only a small part of the madness, but that’s not for me to disclose. Anyway, this friend of mine manages (in spite of his surroundings) to hand write letters to me, send email, and on a rare occasion call me. Now, if a man in a 24/7 hostile environment can find and make time to contact me, then none of us have an excuse to allege to be so busy. Feel me? Simmer on that for a minute. Tick, tock, tick tock.

Okay, you get the picture; let’s continue. We use emails because it’s faster than writing a letter, but imagine how nice it would be to jot down a few thoughts in a card (can be bought at a $1 store or for 99 cents at a card shop), a postcard, or hell a regular piece of paper, and mail it. The recipient would get a something in the mail other than someone wanting their monthly payment. Can you imagine the smile that would radiate from that person’s face? How about making a phone call when you actually have sat still long enough to not be distracted and engage in a meaningful conversation. It’s the little things we neglect to do that mean so much.

My people life is short and it sure as hell ain’t promised, so let’s get back to some basics. Let’s find a few minutes each day to reflect, to be thankful, to pray or give thanks. Let’s find the positive out of a negative situation. The time we spend bitching and whining could be spend sharing a joy, enjoying a quiet moment, or to just be. They say, “time flies when you’re having fun”, that’s a lie; time flies regardless of what you’re doing.

I think we should all use what we’ve got to get what we want and enjoy it. It makes no sense to work your ass off, save all your vacation time, and never use it. Whenever possible, take a day off and spend it on yourself share it with someone you haven’t seen in a while. Take a mini vacation, just do something constructive and that makes you feel good. We are not that busy!


BlaqRayne said...

Hmm, this is interesting. Do you practice this? How much vacation time do you earn? How much do you use? Just asking.

I am guilty of being "too busy" sometimes, but most of the time it's the truth. No, there's noone who is busy 24hrs a day, but sometimes you want time to yourself after the hustle is over.

In no way do I mean to sound like your friend's situation in Iraq isn't rough. I've had family at war in the past and I personally could never deal with what they deal with. And I wouldn't trade everyday life as we know it for what they're living. However, I do have to say that distractions there would make one want to reach out to those at home for inspiration, motivation, laughs or just to live each day like it's your last. Here, we have other types of distractions that may not be as significant as fearing for your life, but they do make us take things for granted and overlook them. We won't take the time to slow down to write a letter, make the call or whatever because we need to do laundry, cook, clean, help with homework, go to the grocery store, try to have a social life and a family life. Then you have people like me who also try to persue other careers.

So, "being busy" isn't always just an excuse. Just my opinion.

BluJewel said...

You made a valid and rational point with this comment. Yes, there is much to consider when we say we're "too busy", but in the grand scheme of things when all the necessities are done. Are will still too busy? Things that make you go hmmm?

BlaqRayne said...

Speaking for myself, when all is said and done, I'm usually exhausted or would like some time to myself or the people close to me whom I have neglected. People need to understand that others aren't always going to be able to be as consistent as they may want us to be. We may have to resort to email instead of a phone call because folk like to hold you hostage on the phone or because once we write the letter during the down time, the next day it's back to the grind and we'll probably forget to mail it...lol. It would be nice to do things the way you say they could be, but it's impossible from my shoes. I'd really like to share some dialog with you on this topic; maybe I'm just selfish in my thinking.

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