04 January 2006

To accept or not to accept, the gem makes the difference

During my usual perusal of the BV message board, I was again amused; more so flabbergasted at the threads for today. The one that stood out the most asked, "if you were proposed to with a CZ, (cubic zirconia for the jewelry challenged) would you accept it?" My immediate reaction was "you're effin (used the real F word) kidding me right?" I could not believe that someone would be shallow enough to even think to pose such a question. Now, don't get me wrong, I love me some jewels, but how could a woman not in clear conscious damn a brutha for popping the question with a CZ. Hell, she might be so damn caught up on the moment to even realize that it's not a diamond. (Sheilding my ears from the echoes of gasping!) I hear woman saying, "what do you mean, not be able to tell a real from a fake?"

Anyhoo, I see it like this, there are many women out there who would plague a brutha to death for a proposal, so why not be happy with what he gave you? Maybe he can't afford the bauble of your choosing or maybe he has issues with diamond mines and opted for the CZ as his small contribution against slave labor/wages. I would think that in this day and age where diamonds have lost their value to misappropriated reflections of wealth...the almighty Bling; or the celebrity who sports a Titanic sized diamond for a few months to later end the engagement for some other stud of the month. People please! (sounding exhausted!)

Yes, it's a beautiful thing to sport a damn near flawless diamond engagement ring, (I said damn near flawless cause to hear women tell it, that's what she wants/expects) but consider that fact that he did propose and it's his love and commitment to you that should count more so than the gem that sits in a band.

My closing thought is this, how come it's okay to floss a CZ at the club or wherever you (women) when out and about, but if a brutha tries to propose with one, he's wrong? Women sport fake Louis Vuitton's, Coach, Gucci, or Fendi bags on a regular like it's real, so why not sport a CZ too?

Okay, nuff said and my ranting is over.


BlaqRayne said...

You are right. Gone are the days where people appreciate gestures from the heart. Especially those with champagne taste and Boone's Farm money. Like you said, if you can sport a fake LV, Gucci or Prada or you can be confident in that weave, wear that CZ and wear it proud. That haters will still be haters and you'll be a REAL woman who loves your man unconditionally. Remember clothes and jewels don't make you!

BluJewel said...


zeek59 said...

If it's all about the BLING then she ain't my thing. If it has to be a jewel then I ain't her fool. Should I go on?

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